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 Indoor Air Quality Guidelines

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PostSubject: Indoor Air Quality Guidelines   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:48 am

World Health Organization recently released "Indoor Air Quality Guidelines, "which is WHO's first release of toxic substances in indoor and quantitative criteria, the experts believe that the indoor environmental standards around the world to provide a scientific basis for the formulation. shape ups
The "guide" pointed out that indoor air pollution mainly from four aspects, namely, building materials, home appliances, heating equipment and cooking smoke, etc. generated. Chemical pollutants in indoor air are benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, radon and other nine materials. Among them, benzene ranks first, this material widely in construction materials, especially paint, can cause cancer; came in second place is carbon monoxide, the safety standard is 24 hours per cubic meter of air in not more than 7 Mg; ranked third in formaldehyde, safety content per cubic meter of air less than 0.1 mg, excess will hurt lung function.
In China, the indoor environmental pollution comes mainly from benzene and formaldehyde. Benzene mainly from paint, formaldehyde pollution comes from funiture materials. Although these pollutants in the content of building materials have a certain standard, but the family focus on the release of these materials after the renovation of pollutants, the air will certainly be affected.
The newly renovated rooms do not move in at once, try to stay in six months. Try to choose a green home decoration logo products, furniture selection, the formaldehyde content in artificial boards more, the best selection of wood furniture, high material sealing; new place to buy furniture and then period of time; use of artificial sheet Wardrobe, try to hold underwear and children's clothes; summer wardrobe in the quilt, blankets and winter clothing will absorb a large amount of formaldehyde, remove and must be dry. Should be reminded that winter day window, not less than twice a day, every time less than 30 minutes, so as not to increase pollution; more support reebok easytone, aloe and other green plants, can absorb harmful gases in the air; also Should be noted that regulate air humidity.
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Indoor Air Quality Guidelines
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