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 How to ensure the quality of sleep

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PostSubject: How to ensure the quality of sleep   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:37 am

Good sleep is very important, because a direct impact on the quality of sleep the next day the spirit of the temperament and work efficiency. If you see a classmate or a colleague is always yawning, surely it is not straightforward. This article will show you how to ensure the quality of sleep:
A regular schedule
Irregular sleep can interfere with your "biological clock" adjustment. If you get up at 7 am, then try to go to bed before 12 o'clock. If the weekend does not need to get up so early, but should still follow the set time for bed. jordan retro
Do not eat before going to bed
Sleep, digestive system will "rest", so eat before bed will disrupt your sleep. You also need to avoid drinking a refreshing drink before bed, such as tea, cola, and coffee and so on.
Turn off the light sleep
Do not turn off the lights to sleep will affect your biological clock, clock relies on the outside because the light source and temperature to determine time.
Using a comfortable sleeping posion
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How to ensure the quality of sleep
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