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 Deck Posting Guidelines - Example Decklist - Please Follow These Guidelines

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PostSubject: Deck Posting Guidelines - Example Decklist - Please Follow These Guidelines   Sat Jul 18, 2009 11:48 am

As we have all seen on other forums, decks can be messy. I will be showing you how to post your deck with minimal fuss and doing it in a tidy way. This deck won't make sense it isn't supposed too as it is an example.

1. Title
Your deck should have a title, make this short and sweet, but remember to declare if it is modified format or not. So for this deck we will call it Speedrill, as we will be using Beedrill, as all the cards are from Diamond & Pearl onwards it is a Modified Format deck.

Speedrill - Dp-On - Modified Format

2. Your List
This should be as neat as possible so we can all see what cards you are using, so remember to put in what set the cards are from. There are a couple of ways to lay out your Pokemon lines.

Pokemon: 20

4 Beedrill 3 GE/1 RR
3 Kakuna RR
4 Weedle RR
2 Claydol GE
2 Baltoy GE
2 Uxie LA
2 Unown G GE
1 Azelf LA

Evolution lines can be shortened to the form of 4/3/4 or 4-3-4 Beedrill in this case and 2/2 or 2-2 Claydol.

Trainers: 31

4 Bebe's Search
4 Rosanne's Research
3 Night Maintenance
4 Rare Candy
3 Warp Point
4 Super Scoop Up
1 Luxury Ball
4 Broken Time Space
4 Pluspower

Energy: 9

9 Grass Energy


The most important part of the deck so remember to include this otherwise we won't know how to help your deck, also decks with a strategy have a 65% more chance of getting a reply, please go more in depth than I have, stating what you use certain cards for.

The strategy here is simple, swarm with the GE Beedrill to do high damage for one energy and use the RR Beedrill to search out Grass Pokemon.

If you follow these guidlines you should be able to get your deck up within 15 minutes and have replys within the hour.

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Deck Posting Guidelines - Example Decklist - Please Follow These Guidelines
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