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 Dogs are our friends

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PostSubject: Dogs are our friends   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:32 am

Zoologists tell us that in ancient times, no dogs in the world, only animals like wolves living in the wilderness. When the ancients discovered prehistoric hunting dogs more animals than any other animal communication, not so fierce, good temperament and obedient, they begin the long process of taming and use of dogs. Of course, the first dog is still just plain wild dogs, and later gradually tamed by humans, fed a family dog.
In the past million years ago, Persians and Greeks began keeping such livestock dogs.
The dog is man's understanding of friends, more than any animals are good at adapting to the environment. It will also help people complete the program, take care of people's security, to help people, protect people. It will use diligent service, with frequent affection that to win over the host. It attached to human pleasure, in order to get people favor for the purpose. It is not like people do have the ability to think, but it has emotional heat. It is also an advantage over many people, that is, loyalty, love and perseverance.

We live in an increasingly mechanized, automated and urbanization of the economic society, the raising of a dog, can make a person, a family and natural re-connected, this linkage makes our lives richer and more perfect.
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Dogs are our friends
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