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 The nature of dogs

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PostSubject: The nature of dogs   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:34 am

Dog on a stranger's behavior is based on the height of his line of sight to determine the strength of opponents. A near stranger, down from above, make it uneasy feeling of constriction, the use of a low position, it will accept you. If the eye sees than its height less, make it more secure.
Weakness on the right dog, it will act to protect the right. When it was desperate to recover the time being, make their own right against the wall, the left side of the face of the enemy. This behavior is a dog born with.
The dog's belly and let people see it is that obedience and surrender to each other. Dog's society there are certain rules, they will not attack the opponent down exposing his stomach. Sleeping dogs lie belly up when the it is assured that, or is trust, people will see or touch him in the stomach makes. air max 2011
Dogs like persons better than like kind, not only because people can take care of it, give it room and board. The main reason is a dog with more people with established emotions. Dog owners have their own strong protect the heart.
Dogs with territorial behavior are their possession of a certain range, and protect, not to invade other animals. Anal gland secretions are used to make manure [/i][/b]has a special shox deliver, sweat glands secrete sweat and grasping with hind legs on the floor painting, as a territory marker.
Dog's jealousy is very strong, when you come to focus on new dogs, neglected to take care of it, it will anger, non-compliance has developed habits, become irritable and destructive.
Dogs also have vanity, like the people praise it. When it is a good thing to do, or do some tricky activity, you clapping praise it, touch it, it will be like to eat a sumptuous meal that satisfied. A shy dog heart, as it has done something wrong or too short hair cut, it will hide in any place, so come out hungry.
In memory, the dog was, and it has been for close contect[/i][/b] with people who seem to never forget his voice, but his can remember the places where they lived. But others believe that dogs are relied on sensory sensitivity to identify the voice of an acquaintance and understanding of places.
Dogs like to sniff anything. Sniffing mark territory, the new dog, food, poison, feces, urine, and so on. Roaming dogs on the go, we often see it continue to squat to urinate or defecate, the faces it Dispenser road. And it is to rely on these "scent mark" walking.
Dogs like to hunt creatures. Chasing rabbits, cats, sheep, and even bite humans chase, people use this feature dog and let it drive the sheep, cattle and protect humanity.
The dog was sick, instinctively avoid humans or other dogs, hiding in the shadows to recover or die, this is a "throwback." The dog's ancestors are social life if sick or injured dogs in, the other dogs would kill it, so as to avoid being dragged or left behind after all suffer. This is caused by the dog owner or breeder to note that timely diagnosis and treatment of your veterinarian. nike lunar max
Most dogs do not like alcohol. Yard dogs in the veterinary injections, without any rubbing alcohol before the show and be good. Once the rubbing alcohol, the dog smelled the smell, the hair stand and roar once disturbed.
Dog afraid of fire, so all the smoking thing, it does not like, such as strike a match, and smoking.
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The nature of dogs
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