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 Gengar stopping people going rogue?

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PostSubject: Gengar stopping people going rogue?   Sun Jul 19, 2009 11:27 am

With Gengar being such a good deck with so many different ways to KO your opponents Pokemon (Shadow Room, Fainting Spell, Crobat G swarm etc), I really think that Gengar is ruining the format. We used to see a lot more rogue and etch decks about, now half the matches you hear about are Gengar mirrors (Which is decided on who gets the first Gengar anyway). What are your opinions on Gengar? Do you think that there's nothing wrong with it? Or that Pokemon should release a counter to kill Gengar (Perhaps another Drak type that is ammune to Fainting Spell?). Discuss!

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Gengar stopping people going rogue?
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