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 The idea that my life seems to glasses

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PostSubject: The idea that my life seems to glasses    Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:21 am

Most of the glasses a little smart, stubborn nature, seemed to be very deep. Most thanks to compulsory education, the gift of myopia, of course, is partly genetic providential because people thought that the spectacle will read some of the children to read more, to read eyes and bad really, anyone can read a book on designer oakley sunglasses , if he does not know how to read and learn to rest to relax, his short-sightedness continues to grow. This argument makes sense.
Although it has been isolated from the sun, and sunglasses protect the eyes also Baines Jing involved, giving the impression he is very mysterious. Looks straight out that he was actually worth, or a narcissistic personality. Its effect and a man a mask is similar. Together with the stern look, but also gives a feeling of ray ban sunglasses and cruel, as the underworld, where people can not see who specialize in the bad guy, and his eyes are darkened to hide spy, which does not believe that a dubious impression.
Glasses than most nostalgic as the old gentleman's pocket watch as the foot is light metal chain glasses worn leather installed in the house naked, as usual, has a soft black lens cleaning. Kazakhstan front of the lens of his winter air, the lens Chanel sunglasses here on sale now Of water vapor condensate, this is the best wiping smudges and dust, the action is so natural, even in a very calm, like the soldiers wipe their own weapon.
I do not wear glasses for only a second year student, every year, usually embarrassed to wear class when the teacher wearing a watch on the blackboard scribbled handwriting. Later, more people will see Dai became customary to use, has now passed into the natural, except when the camera wearing a rare, but usually very little glasses come off. Bath and sleeping are not worn in a strict and thorough.
Thus a woman wearing glasses and was very annoying, this feeling is really bad to say publicly. In particular, the fat lady glasses I'll be very offensive, http://www.sunglassesmaker.com/gucci-sunglasses-c-72.html his illness. Does the sight of small female fans with their eyes open like a beautiful woman in glasses, which I deeply stereotypes. Woman with eyeglasses dough nervousness, sweat easily, and constantly wipe off the glass, wipe the lens, did you get to go, really think that is a very nasty, unpleasant feeling really tortured dead. I can look back of the eye lens and turn to look flash, I’m feeling trapped, really does not want to rush, tore off his glasses, a broken foot. What a woman wearing glasses, woman, or a natural well.
Glasses seem to be necessary decor. None of glasses is the so-called investigators suspect the depth of his knowledge, if only a broad knowledge of the words Tiger Balm worth mentioning. Glasses thicker, more deeply impressed, and if the frame is a large black border, with more worthy of coach outlet at the latest. Of course, a nebulous feeling of a fun trip. I appreciate any experts who are the King and the black edges of the glasses, the whole face buried in the back, a mouth full is a pompous air, his eyes flashed from the lens, to focus on the internal affairs of gaze, such as a laser, because it can cut deep into the structure of things, so she often has unusual Qinghai view.
What is a little information, just to know a bit of fur, choosing Bausch & Lomb contact lenses or expensive gold-rimmed glasses? Superficial because the people most in need of an elegant ornate, even the price. These people are fully aware of why coach bag are very popular all the time Limited length, therefore, need to pay a lot of money to upgrade, so that people feel that they are worthy of the name
and how to look, and there should be, this is a practical proof of sensationalized.
Modern life seems extremely short-sighted man, his life, he lost his glasses and broke it, so he lives in groping blindly, since there is to see the world and are accustomed to look at all the Dim or over the data forced a number of fragmented sense of chaos, so that his vision is still unclear boring He not only has the coach purses outlet , but is not necessary for rational thinking, so his eyes were just a couple of looks, he can not see a clear sense of things, too, did not see the word, that small things are invisible to the different conditions during the whole is the ability to cast a glance not so lazy than the sense of idealism filled with heart and soul, it seems that the real secret of art is its sense of moment to mold itself to find a bed to use for a long time turned out to be bad glasses.
We have to wear glasses, but also in life we need a lens Explore the wrong color, and the reality of our souls. There is no practical theory can do our spiritual foundation, so we have a regular optical shop, frequent replacement lenses, we go for replacement in order to adapt to the excitement of the movement should http://www.coachoutletonline.biz/coach-handbags-c-67.html Be a reality. We often remember the news coverage of looking at reality through the lens fully accepted the conclusions of the journalists, arbitrary, and even his hesitant style is learned, and long-term accumulation, leaving the reality comes by instinct, and learned of masking the real-life wearing tinted glasses with everything, and peace of mind, peace of mind.
Television through the computer we see a kaleidoscope lens is only a pseudo-reality and the existence of the hypocritical pseudo match the spirit of real and simulated consciousness. We desperately Exaggeration own life is beautiful, you can never have spent time in my life that a beautiful day we are coach wallet sale To organize the business is filled with the spirit of wisdom, but always humble sacrifice their lives for power and money, ideal for trash, warmly embraced the wisdom of practical life, such as hotlines, such as the Carnegie and encourage their followers, or else the seller's confidence is completely collapses immediately. Do not call the other numb spectators, if not the viewers of their own lives, maybe the excitement of visitors on the ground floor of psychological at least the crowd and shouted, preparing to jump into the lives of bored with that, because looking through the lens, has become our way of unthinking instinct, not thought.
Thought we were capable of all the hypocrisy of our lives to overthrow it? Everywhere around us, we can meet short-sightedness that people can fully resume normal vision? Thing we face an endless stream of rhetoric, the power to maintain a good http://www.coachoutletonline.biz/coach-shoes-c-74.html and insights, and rely on their natural eye Quaich real importance in the affairs? This is not just a couple of glasses of the problem, which confused the nature of all our lives, what we expect, how to think, to get the Spirit of truth, rather than looking pretty hypocritical rhetoric of life searching for the soul of cosmetics, subject to the outside of your mess.
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The idea that my life seems to glasses
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