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 Jewelry - Jewelry origin

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PostSubject: Jewelry - Jewelry origin    Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:20 am

Jewelry 1, from the Paleolithic found all over the world gather information and data of modern primitive tribes, people can be found mainly in the form of early primitive body decoration as: pendant, waist, arm ornaments, wrist accessories, headwear, such as several , which forms the main particular pendant and waist. They largely focus on human reproductive areas and decorative, the coach shoes outlet , in addition to these areas wear objects that support capabilities, a large number of studies have shown that this choice also has another purpose.
2, animals, colors and patterns is also a body jewelry, natural body jewelry, male headdress, pendant, pectoral and tail ornaments so often in the breeding season showed regular changes and display, and these decorations to attract the coach wallet Sex considerable effect, confirmed by a large number of biological materials, animals, beautiful decorations in the nature of the selection process has great advantages. Body tattoo is a similar form of body decoration; body decoration is precisely an extension of animal qualitative change in the natural decoration.
3, the world first discovered the body late Paleolithic ornaments, whether animal teeth, feathers, or stone beads, etc. They have very significant characteristics: smooth, rules, small, beautiful. Which further illustrates this feature produced by the body festooned dress decorated, self show off, suck if the surface coach handbags a black silver film can be used 2 grams of salt, 7 grams of baking soda, bleaching powder 8 g, water 60 ml, the preparation of the "Golden device cleaning agent ", the gold jewelry on a bowl, pour cleaning agents, 2 hours later, the gold jewelry out, with water (preferably not the hard water), after rinsing, buried in the wood drying, and then with a soft cloth cited the importance of the opposite sex can wipe psychological motivation. Thus the psychological origin of the body ornaments of beauty from the physical instinct is ray ban sunglasses Scientific. The Evolution of the motivation that originated from the "human beautify" the most original feature is the jewelry the most fundamental features.
Jeweler 4, the origin and development of jewelry, there are still two other important causes, one motivation religious function, the second is the social function motives, both of which are based on the physiological motivation for the active above on the basis out of the development and evolution. Religion from prehistoric coach purses clearance is the exclusive property , and the development of body decoration is precisely the religious motivation of the witchcraft in prehistoric human activity and thinking in this witchcraft gradually formed under the guidance and deeply rooted in people's minds.
Primitive human labor practice, and gradually some of the natural world and their lives are closely related materials such as plants, fruits, seeds, animals, feathers, teeth, bone and stone (jade) material to produce a dim view of the coach bags , they even to use as their objects of worship witchcraft activities, to the mysterious power of Fu. If they will plant seeds of string hanging fruit or the body to pray for reproduction in the maternal child; to hunt animals, fur, teeth, bones and body wear hanging hunting in order to achieve success and peace of their own; of stone (jade) the worship of material , is derived from primitive stone tools of deep feelings, which were a little bright and colorful, is regarded as masters of their minds to a mysterious gift of their products, they is be careful collection and protection, and in the process, they gradually enriched the coach outlet online Of this natural object of worship, the first Chinese jade culture is derived from the Enlightenment.
Stone Age cultures in China, the jade have always been seen as rich spiritual nature worship material, widely used in voodoo ceremonies. For prehistoric people to carry, one for its decorative landscaping, and the other is as an evil to the disaster, good luck mascot. Ancient civilization in the West, the colored stones are familiar with very old, they are familiar with and use the same process is given a certain mysterious power of religion, ancient Babylonia in the year 6000 will be offered at the goddess before the emerald pray for some kind of mens prada sunglasses Power, Highland gem is regarded as the essence of the sea, Poseidon blessed to pray for the safety of navigation or fishing.
Jewelry - Cleaning Method
If the surface of silver jewelry has a black membrane, can be used 2 grams of salt, 7 grams of baking soda, bleaching powder 8 g, water 60 ml, the preparation of gold, cleaning agents, the gold jewelry on a bowl, pour cleaning agents, 2 authentic sunglasses After removing the gold jewelry, with water (preferably not the hard water is water with high mineral content), after rinsing, buried in the wood drying, and then wipe with a soft cloth.
Protection of the luster of gold jewelry can be coated with a thin top layer of nail polish. Ring, with jewels piece of cotton paper with a match stick in the toilet water and glycerol mixture after wet scrubbing solution framework, and then polished with velvet ring. Avoid using blades and other sharp objects to scratch salt and vinegar mixed into a cleaning agent, use it to clean gold jewelry; you can make it lasting for years. Wipe toothpaste or a hot rice soup thick scrub, but also restore the luster of gold jewelry. Taken equal to the amount of Chanel sunglasses sale And vegetable oil mixed into one of his gold jewelry scrub, will become glittering gold jewelry. Of course, it was suggested to some of the gold shop to a large scale, they have specialized technical personnel, reagents, ultrasonic cleaning equipment for cleaning
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Jewelry - Jewelry origin
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