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 Jewelry - Jewelry Urbana

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PostSubject: Jewelry - Jewelry Urbana    Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:19 am

Jewelry man inadvertently discovers more and more sophisticated city. They have soft-spoken, decent clothing, maintaining fresh face, and just the right accents of jewelry that are beautiful. Some people think that patents are woman jewelry, jewelry little to men, this is incorrect. In fact, all men must wear jewelry or carry objects exclusive Oakley sunglasses Decorative. Such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, tie pins, watches, sunglasses, pens, belt buckles, cuff links, cigarette cases, lighters, key rings and other jewelry are men.
The general form of big tough men necklace, using side, angle, circle and other geometric patterns, platinum, gold, silver, gold and other elements to the material, almost no body jewelry chain, or the Pendant overall clean lines and soft style, simple ray ban wayfarer sunglasses Honest full of strength, perseverance and a man, Sheen Yi, the beauty of the heroic male complement each other.
Greater choice of male ring, gold ring, and inlaid rings can be used for men. Thick and heavy, wide, great is Nannies features. His gold ring on the back surface of the ring handle narrow rectangular or square cases, launching a "blessing", "life" and other words auspicious. Large selection of precious stones embedded fashion Chanel sunglasses Jive, emerald, sapphire Nannies taught to use more traditional, with platinum diamond is the mainstream, the weight of diamond is much greater than the requirements Vie.
Jewelry with precious metals to create male bracelet, gold first goal and set with black diamonds, black opal, dark tones and other precious stones, style, width, usually cheap gucci sunglasses t he wrist, not as women can be soft and bracelets delicate hand over his back, but not as rigid bracelet women are consistent with a man capable of doing things fast style.
Belt Clip
Pay attention to the appearance of fine men will certainly be a beautiful collection of several tie clip. Most men's jewelry can not be pleasing to the eye color, and tie clip can break with tradition. A variety of tie clip, tie, naturally, eclectic, if color looking for the coach outlet store oline and tie. Inlaid with ruby, garnet series warm, inlaid with jade, sapphire fresh series are a good choice, dazzling brilliant diamond men Gingering glowing.
Insert Link
Some groups in society tend to lead organizations, plug distinctive style, especially of 18-karat gold material, rectangular, circular, diamond, a more common form, compact and plug lead in the pattern of a sense that identity. Did not coach bags outlet Important community members can choose gold-plated plug, and even did cartoon animals, plants, mosaic forms and others can show men noble, elegant quality mature style.
Cuff button
modeling a variety of sleeve buttons, square, circle, diamond may be the real kind of sleeve coach purses clearance is the exclusive property Is a mosaic of jewelry, cuff button generally used high-end 12K or 18K gold, inlaid stone types precious.

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Jewelry - Jewelry Urbana
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