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 Identification of true and false Platinum Jewelry

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PostSubject: Identification of true and false Platinum Jewelry    Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:18 am

True Metal platinum jewelry manufacturing. Platinum, also known as platinum metal, chemical symbol Pt, accounting for 21.45, Moths hardness of 4.3. The same amount of platinum, gold, silver, comparing three precious metals, platinum the most weight, texture, and most difficult. Less to natural reserves, mining coach shoes outlet Difficult, chemically stable, platinum is more valuable than gold metallic materials. Slightly harder platinum jewelry and fine texture, easy to wear, the color is light gray, pale and elegant, shiny bright durable, long time with no black. India really has signed platinum jewelry, which is the main character. India signed the following aspects: First, texture jewelry, platinum jewelry, the texture that there are two, some English, Pt, some Chinese "white gold";
Second, part jewelry, platinum jewelry on the topic "99" character, which is 99% platinum content, the third is ornaments origin, the production of jewelry has its own printing http://www.coachoutletonline.biz/coach-wallet-c-68.html Signed its brand of this and other industrial products, jewelry is necessary will not allow counterfeit, because it is the manufacturers, but also the consumer's identity. Easily confused with real platinum jewelry are mainly made of stainless steel or silver jewelry. Stainless steel jewelry and platinum jewelry Oakley sunglasses hut to the new era, color gray, shining bright. However, in its white with gray to black, shiny hair off, not long-lasting, easy to wear. Silver jewelry soft texture, easy to wear, re-light, color is white, but white gold white, easy to use long after coach handbags outlet Black. In addition, India sign perspective stainless steel jewelry is not signed with India and India to sign or cover, silver and platinum jewelry Indian jewelry Indian writing write differently.
How to know the reliability of gold jewelry
The main varieties of gold jewelry rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, etc., when buying gold jewelry to identify the authenticity of the first, is a road weight. Gold jewelry metal jewelry with the same amount by weight of the big gold. Second, listen to the sound, throwing the gold in the ground, will release "coach purses sale Despair" sound, but low-light crisp clear sound. The third is to see color. Eternal glow of jewels, gold, gold jewelry with high red, yellow difference. Fourth, testing the hardness, the higher the more soft gold jewelry, with a hard needle applications, it is obvious signs appear, ambiguous impact of low gold content. Fifth, hand bent. Gold soft, hand turning, easy to bend easily broken by the color of the jewelry is easy to bend easily broken. Sixth with fire. Jewelry with a fire burning, burning resistance does not change the color of gold; fake gold loses ray ban sunglasses after firing, and even become dark purple. Seven is the acid test. Gold does not dissolve in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and other metals from experience that three acid changes.
How to identify Jade The main products of Guangdong's "South of Jade", "Henan Jade", "Shan Dong Jade" and Yale, Wada production of "mutton fat jade", etc, of precious jade and more used. Specify the color of jade is mainly based on (rich), Yang (bright), Xiao (U.S. color), a (pure), and (soft) five coach bags outlet , so that both are top rated. However, if Jade light (normal), Yin (dark), old (dark color), flowers (dirty), oblique (uncoordinated), its bath. Do not buy jade choice in strong light, because light exposure will lose the original qualities of jade, but also hide blemishes, real ones. Learn how to buy Jade reliability. Common fake jade with plastic, glass, marble, electric color, and so are several. Jade plastic and marble textures and light, the hardness difference; colored bubble glass; power color jade fake jade is coated with a layer of low-channel sunglasses sale beautiful sparkling emerald green appearance and difficult to discern at first glance, but careful observation, electric color jade is often worse with some "spider claw", which is a blue-green in small cracks.
Pure gold jewelry is easy with mercury, lead metal from chemical changes that appear white point of pure gold jewelry, but can be restored after the fire main. Avoid perfume, hair spray, high impact volatiles, or fade easily lead to metal; in order to protect the gold in the sunlight, can be coated with a thin top nail polish. With looking for the coach outlet store oline Water, detergent, then dry out, salt and vinegar mixed into the washing machine to clean, can do what the years. Because pure gold is soft, to avoid a larger force to bear to prevent distortion. Save time with flannel wrap before being placed in a jewelry box, to avoid rubbing against each other harm.
Precious Metals
Avoid rough wear mixed use environment or contact with the acid-base environment from the surface of the electric corrosion of the metal layer is fading. Avoid mens prada sunglasses with mercury, lead, metals and cosmetics, perfume, vinegar, juice, bleach, correction fluid, lead, mercury and other cosmetics. Sweat will corrode the metal body jewelry, so be the best summer metal jewelry every day cleaning.
Jewelry of precious metals complex process, when the damage, repairs difficult and hard to restore it, so make sure to treat, not pull off, taking a bath, shower sleep should be avoided to avoid wearing jewelry set with precious metals, mutual friction, the effect being Impact 18K white gold is pure gold containing 75% 25% other metal alloy jewelry, with the primary colors are yellow, and if original gucci sunglasses Properly, will remove the metal surface, exposing the character and appearance of the jewelry, please contact a professional jewelry store deal.

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Identification of true and false Platinum Jewelry
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