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 Optical glass

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PostSubject: Optical glass    Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:17 am

A prerequisite for the production of optical lenses are: a constant refractive index lens material, lens II processing can produce internal stress; III after addition of functional exclusive Oakley sunglasses Does not affect the optical properties, IV Photometric standard requirements, five could be so..... Processing power.
Lens refraction, it must be isotropic, light transmission shall be in accordance with the laws of refraction, where the uneven heating of the external force or internal stress is generated, and thus lose the isotropic nature of the incident, ray ban wayfarer sunglasses Light generated by the two Article fracture lines, birefringence. Such lenses can be used as optical lenses.
The type of lenses from the use of history can be divided into: natural rock coach purses sale Lenses, optical glass lenses, optical lenses, resin. The use of materials can be divided into: inorganic materials, organic materials.
1, the optical resin lenses
the organic material, the inner structure of the polymer chain, will join the three-dimensional network structure, molecular structure is quite loose, the designer Chanel sunglasses for men Chains to produce a relative displacement between the spaces. Light transmittance 84% -90% can be.
A low density: Due to the difference between the molecular chains, the number of molecules per unit volume of small resin lens has advantages: low weight, texture, light, glass lenses 3/1-2/1.
B. The refractive index media: General CR-39 ally carbonate, refractive index 1.497 to 1.504, present, Shenyang resin lenses on the market with a cheap gucci sunglasses refractive index Nikon Japan and hard coated with a thin fracture rate of 1.67 resin lenses. Nikon Corporation will launch in Japan Index 1.74 resin lenses.
C. The lower surface hardness than glass, easy to scratch hard objects, so this topic hardening, hardened material is silicon dioxide, but never reach the hardness of the hardness of glass. Therefore, the wearer must pay attention to the maintenance of the lens.
D. flexibility and organic molecular chains between the spaces can produce displacement of the reasons the relative intensity of 23 to 28 times the glass. Another big http://www.sunglassesmaker.com/prada-sunglasses-c-73.html resin film properties - good resistance to impact. Europe, United States, Japan, against children under the age of sixteen to wear a glass lens.
E. Availability: can be added to get the anti-manipulation harmful rays, colors and other features.
F. Processing: Excellent, can travel the entire box, half box, rimless type of multi-processing. Throughput can be dyed, colored lens personal favorite colors.
G. Chemical nature: it is an organic compound, is prohibited under acidic conditions and alkali used to wear.
H. Thermal properties: not more than 60 degrees in the environmental field, using an anti-reflective film or the surface will be broken, or even lead to an anti-coach outlet store Film phenomenon.
I. Price: terms of quality features make various degrees....
J. lens design size: U.S. Food and Drug Administration "FDA" standard mentioned above, the center can be designed so that the minimum thickness of 0.6 mm, but the strength requirements are reduced accordingly, Europe, United States, Japan and other countries makers, general nearsightedness, farsightedness more http://www.coachoutletonline.biz/new-coach-bags-c-65.html 100 degree lens central thickness of 1.0 mm designed to ensure that the total power of the lens.

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Optical glass
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