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 The classification of the various 3D glasses 3D glasses Raiders

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PostSubject: The classification of the various 3D glasses 3D glasses Raiders    Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:16 am

Linearly polarized perpendicular to the direction of 90 degrees and 180 degrees horizontally, but also by the cross 45/135 degree angle, but with glasses or LCD projector must be consistent across the other invalid, the use of two projectors effect three-dimensional (left / right image there are two tracks), polarized oakley sunglasses hut Film is dedicated to using the silver screen in three dimensions; the screen is rarely used, because you can not separate the two types of polarized light. line stereo system, viewing angle polarizer evenly around like a 4:3 mode, but the angle is relatively small, because the viewer has to wear glasses, but the loss of low cost can be more in line with operational efficiency, so that cinema is the most widely used model in three dimensions. Movies more recently, technology has matured a lot.
For the hardware of the screen:
1.IZ3D 22 "LCD Monitor LCD adopts a linear polarization layer in two ways.
2. LCD projector, digital projector can be. You have to use more than 2 units in order to take effect in three dimensions; you must use special silver screen in three ray ban sunglasses bring you surprises , the screen is rarely used, because you can not separate the two types of polarized light.
The ring circular polarized light or polarized light, the level of transition is the strange and horizontal direction even light, turn left (odd line) compared with left circular polarization to the left, right (with number couple of lines) counter clockwise circular polarized light, and after 2 polarizing projector through the ring of the same quality playback (with the same linear polarization) and liquid crystal retarder polarizing film to stick on the screen LCD TV, but only a layer of liquid crystal display may be, the polarization characteristics of the ring tilt angle is relatively small, on the relative angle is wide, suitable for wide-screen (16:9) and the chanel sunglasses space projection, LCD screen on the left and right images of the vertical resolution is halved each (960X1080X2 = 1920 × 1080), the image quality in three dimensions can still be accepted, the levels of saturation or brightness are above the audience have to wear glasses, but the cost may be lower than the operational efficiency of more than watch a game, the movie recently Moreover, the technology has matured.
For the hardware of the screen: coach shoes 3DTV in Japan 2.Hyundai satellite TV BS11
Japan imported 46-inch LCD high-definition digital television in three dimensions, is the first television world in three dimensions is the affordable, self-ratings of Japanese *** BS11 satellite programs at home playing in three dimensions easily at home and enjoy home theater in three dimensions *** 3DTV-built authentic sunglasses , direct more viewers do not buy a lot of satellite programs, a function of two-dimensional simulation of three-dimensional player, carrying enjoy high definition in three dimensions.
3. LCD projector, digital projector can be. You have to use more than 2 units in order to take effect in three dimensions, you must use special silver screen in designer brands coach wallet Dimensions, the screen are rarely used, because you can not separate the two types of polarized light.
● Assets
the other is active shutter glasses. Shutter (shutter), which goes off when the liquid crystal film can be transparent or dark on the principle of making high-speed switching of the glasses, the film is projected with a single spear head projector or TV 120Hz LCD projector High speed switching way to show the mens prada sunglasses and right eye images (as the second of 60 cells on one hand, the number of cells was left alone, double the number of cells to the right eye due to progress with a 120 Hz, the human eye is almost no sensation in the flash), the public must configure wireless sensors to monitor vessels in the audience to change rapidly switching the projector at the rate of synchronization.
System complexity, high cost of the lens, very annoying to change the battery, causing inconvenience to the management, large glasses less comfortable with the public, not the number of seats for the use of multi-dimensional theater, viewers can Use the small number of individual projection theater available in wide choice of coach outlet store dimensions with a single shot of a screen to Support Full HD 3D display mode, did not fall completely vertical resolution, but also not limited perspective and viewing distance, image quality that high, but the brightness is reduced.
For the hardware of the screen:
Three-dimensional visual package 1.NVIDIA electronic shutter glasses, an infrared system through signal external USB transceiver, plus the coach bags
Frequency of 120 Hz or projection screen and projector and screen compatible NVIDIA chip, all conditions must be integrated to show the three dimensions, superimposed images, the resolution in three dimensions are very excellent.
4. Sony and Matsushita 2010, pushing the three-dimensional main TV, 120 Hz frequency of the LED.
5. Single board video player can only use digital projector models, with the shutter (shutter) glasses, the introduction of four American View Sonic projectors harmonic three-dimensional focus on ultra-short, including the PJD6211, women's purses , PJD6381, PJD6241 also of admirable short focal length images, 120 Hz technology and features support for dual-frequency D-ready, the screen may be large.
Currently, the main major manufacturers have adopted the active shutter glasses system prototype, and it is said that a full 1080p resolution signals delivered to the eyes, the best solution. As for lower cost, 3D cinemas use of passive coach handbags Glasses, they can only move horizontally by 540 pixels frame signal. However, there are some relatively low-cost manufacturers in the sports bar or other public places for TV products with 3D glasses

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The classification of the various 3D glasses 3D glasses Raiders
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