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 To select a pierced face shape to match the style and how to set?

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PostSubject: To select a pierced face shape to match the style and how to set?    Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:12 am

How beneficial earrings to match the style and face shape, the earrings will be selected for emphasis is on the face was beautiful and attractive? Maximum principle, earrings, and to avoid duplication, the shape of the face, face to the opposite exclusive Oakley sunglasses Is. The basis for selecting a facial piercing, often counterproductive to wear face pierced incorrectly, you can play the role of balance.
Square Face
Square, oval face of a girl, for example, to ease the angle of the face helps to increase the length of the face, wear longer than the horizontal curved vertical design earrings, crescent, new leaves, petals like a single pair of them, make sure that ray ban 3025 Lai shining jewel on the cheek next to the light's movement. For the shape of the face, square face overlap, do not wear earrings to square the best, or a triangle, pentagon-shaped earrings, to avoid sharp edges or other corners.
Long face
Suitable for the wearer to look longer, and girls can wear the form of a long face like the design of the square of the piercing cross-sector round, they can reduce the length of the face, slightly Founder rounded features beautiful arc to increase the chanel sunglasses Of the face is pierced like a traditional pearl effect "yen", precious stones earrings, ears fixed to distribute unique personal charm securely.
The following types of end face
you must select a piercing tip of the bottom of the Girl "is smaller than the bottom edge of the" to create the effect of soft facial lines the width of the jaw to achieve a balance. Long, people not only to stop focusing on the queue for pendant finished, please pay special attention to the length of the pendant, if you wear pendant cheap gucci sunglasses , the shorter the length of the jaw that we recommend avoiding the edges. The angle of the piercing, triangle, hexagon and wearing a very obvious, please avoid.
Round egg face
In order to increase the length of the shape of the face, in order to reduce the visual effects are wide, rectangular face of the whip girl egg round, such as pendants and should be selected as the Pierce-type tear, they are more Many gas prada sunglasses make soft plump facial lines at just the band.
Oval Face
More pointed chin, oval face, wear suitable, such as triangular drop can increase the weight of his chin a beautiful oval face, a gourd-type, not like a very sharp angle, and earrings " larger than the bottom edge of the "I run straight lines appear to face.
Diamond-shaped face
People such as face shape, the shape will be the most appropriate allocation of earrings, "larger than the lower wide choice of coach outlet store of the top" from the drop, shaped like a chestnut tree. Please avoid wear like a diamond, heart, such as the inverted triangle-shaped pendant.
Oval Face
the coach bags outlet are faced with the size of the earrings can be worn oval skin tones of your face.
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To select a pierced face shape to match the style and how to set?
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