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 The origins of earrings

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PostSubject: The origins of earrings    Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:10 am

"Earrings" in a long time. Since ancient times, from divination to be a cruel guardian Chui, from the pursuit of wisdom to the pursuit of fashion, from the control of an Oakley sunglasses sale Slave to fashion stylish men and women, earrings, going through ancient times, in time and space, to continue to release the eternal sparkling light.
"Earrings of origin, mainly the following statement:
1, earrings and ancient superstitions associated with the legendary spirit of the devil and other ray ban 3025 Always want to enter into the body and take up the human body, so that all the orifices of the body may be out of the hole should be the special guardian. Earrings are worn on the ear mascot.
2 In ancient China, to wear a ring piercing used to be "modest" sign. Ming Dynasty "to stay young in Sapporo," Book said: "Pierced women with earrings, covers ancient times, these things are cheap." The initial value of the original piercing, no Chanel sunglasses , but also play a role of vigilance. This brother customs of the people, because some women are too active, not wanting to keep the house, someone comes into your ear hole, and women on the panel, and hanging on Earshot, to remind them indecent life, an act of prudence. Then gradually turned into the Han customs. But the women at this time to make a piercing, and not as women today are so fond of, but in a forced situation. To Song period, the growth of code of ethics, women's body piercing wind, the unprecedented popularity, do not original gucci sunglasses That women in general, and even the queen, his concubines no exception. Over time, they formed a ring to wear piercing trend.
3, some tribes in the world, the long lobe of a beautiful symbol. Girls began piercing his childhood, with age, with heavier and heavier earrings. The longer pull the ear lobe. If you can not afford to share in connection with the heavy burden of a long break, unfortunately, she also performed all of the united prada sunglasses is suddenly disrupted. For men, the ear is the center of the wisdom of the wise man should have large ears; heavy earrings will make it more to pull down the ear lobe, a relative, who also became wiser.
4, the first man with earrings sailors. They believe that they do not sink to protect the piercing. Men Earrings, after not only the sailors, because men wear earrings is a sign of homosexuality, but also generate a lot of code words, such as representatives of the left ear, earrings, gay, bisexual, right ear, wears earrings and so on. With the popular rock singer, male earrings completely lost in importance, but http://www.coachoutletonline.biz/ People are still bottom of society, or hang on the safety of the blade pierced ears, light bulbs, etc. "It is not surprising, earrings endless death, fashion people.
5, and now, high society gradually accepted men to wear earrings, such as the super-paid professional athletes signing the contract, will be opened in the ear lobe of coach bags sale Sparkling diamond jewelry. This seems to confirm that, as women, as men are entitled to great effort to dress.
Audit Bureau of Wuhan City party secretary, Comrade Liu Jinxing first lecture on "implementing the seventh spirit, innovative thinking, the audit, the audit work to promote scientific development," the first lesson, beginning the party members take coach purses clearance is the exclusive property Teaching the regiment. She stressed the lecture from the guide practice, and strengthen and improve the audit point of view, actively expand the work of thinking, serious planning for next year's work; to the "society" construction reform pilot as an opportunity to do serious research work, advocate and establish a development compatible with the scientific development concept of audit, continuing to explore the audit model innovation, technology innovation, system innovation; to stick around the central task of guiding the reform initiative to meet the new requirements of testing, the discovery of new situations, solve new problems, To optimize the development of macro decision-making and environmental services; to strive to improve their knowledge of coach handbag sale , strengthening the knowledge base and expand professional horizons and improve the ability of audit services.

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The origins of earrings
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