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 Eat less salt

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PostSubject: Eat less salt   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:47 am

The main ingredients of salt are sodium chloride, chlorine, sodium and potassium. It is the main component of the body electrolytes. The sodium and potassium, just as checks and balances between the two evenly matched but the comrades. In extracellular sodium and potassium in the cell, both inside and outside the common defense of the body cell osmotic pressure, moisture and pH balance. Once the balance is broken, sodium content increases, it will cause harm to humans!
Hemophilic to osteoporosis: more salt is not only salty dead weight if preferable taste of food, salt in the "devil " people will run out of calcium in the bones, and finally people will lose their health because of osteoporosis, and even Loss of life. jordan retro
Too much salt, in addition to the black and yellow face, but also may cause the cheeks grow freckles. If both animal fat and shape ups intake too much, it will affect the normal metabolism of the liver leaving freckles more prominent. To the skin is good, more scientific approach is to drink plenty of water to help detoxify the skin, but take control of daily salt intake of 6 grams.
Too salty to eat nutritional metabolism will not only cause hair loss, but also make the hair becomes brown. Swollen face can be no beauty, the reason why there may be many reasons for edema, but eating too salty may also be one of them. Excessive intake of salt will make water metabolism in disturbance, water retention in the body, there will be puffiness. Eat less salt, eat more food and Water can be improved.
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Eat less salt
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