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 High-fiber foods may reduce women's fertility

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PostSubject: High-fiber foods may reduce women's fertility   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:46 am

A new study found that eating high-fiber foods may reduce women's fertility. High-fiber foods such as whole wheat bread, pasta, etc., may lead to the female endocrine disorder. Female intake of such foods more critical to their body's hormone levels of pregnant lower.
U.S. researchers carried out on 250 women of reproductive age a two-year follow-up study. They found that high-fiber diet not only gave birth to the body of the female reproductive hormones decrease, but also lead to increased incidence of ovulation to stop. Scientists have known before, extreme sports, anxiety or stress can cause reduce the level of female hormones, resulting in no ovulation occurred.
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High-fiber foods may reduce women's fertility
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