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 About Barrel Principle

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PostSubject: About Barrel Principle   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:43 am

We know that the Barrel Principle - the amount of bottled water, depending on the shortest piece of board. The traditional wooden barrel law is to be measured on the plane up. However, if placed in a bucket on an inclined plane, when the number of barrels filled with water depends on the length of the longest piece of board. So extended look, the former based on stable, mature external platform; which can be selected at a critical time. timberland outlet
Barrel on the plane, in a mature market environment, a mature game to manage the entire market, but in an imperfect market system and the rules, we must play our dynamic, creative use of existing rules Favorable conditions, when people care about the plane at the time, we use the slope to increase our ability to hold water.
You can't judge people by appearance, or measure the ocean by the deciliters. Shorter than the other board we may not soon make up in the plane, under the current market rate, does not allow you to have enough time to make up his own shortcomings, and the future will not come. As the market gives you more than ten years time to develop their own, so we will use our strengths to create one of their own slants, the first water than others, after the water in the process of improving our short-board To achieve a leap-forward development.
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About Barrel Principle
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