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 Get rid of text anxiety

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PostSubject: Get rid of text anxiety   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:41 am

About 27% of the students in the face of important test occurs when test anxiety. Specifically expressed in emotional stress before the exam irritability, inability to concentrate, sleep disorders, and may even cause cardiac headache, diarrhea, toothache, colds and other physical symptoms, will appear in the spot blush, sweating, breathing and heart rate , hands or legs shaking, mind blank and other psychosomatic reactions and even fainted.
Anxiety disorders lead to decline in test scores or even a few great failure, so there are a harbinger of the candidates experience and anxiety should be promptly seek professional psychological assistance counselors. Entrance exams such an important fact to face life events, all the candidates and their parents should be 3 months before the exam to exam received psychological counseling in order to eliminate the psychological problems, the physical and mental adjustment to the best state to meet the test.
However, if suddenly appeared in the examination room anxiety reaction how to do? There are several small spot can solve this problem.
◆ Take a deep breath. Do not tell me you take a deep breath is useless, that you do not know what a deep breath. Take a deep breath to really play the role of relaxation has two tips: First, abdominal breathing, that is, the contraction and expansion of the chest without breathing, and a drum with a flat stomach to breathe, as a Frog, so as to ensure the oxygen exchange capacity large enough to fully comply with the needs of the brain awake; second is to reduce the frequency, shortness of breath can only bring more and more nervous large. To ensure that the number of re-breathing exhaled after a few 10, number 10, then after a few breaths inhaled, respiratory rate slow down, to ease the tension.
◆ Relax the muscles. To relax you can not do, sometimes you relax the more they want but the more nervous, but hungry can make you nervous. Pull a face, a strong distortion of facial muscles, and release to keep the number 5; tense muscles, count to 5 and release; hands or legs are not shaking up, let it shake it worse. Let your anxiety and tension due to the site to become more tense, and then a release will be able to experience the relaxation of the muscle is being used for a sense of relaxation in that. Muscle relaxer, the mood is not strained.
◆ Do little tricks. Problems encountered in the classical approach is to re-install the pens apart, but to practice beforehand, to ensure that apart and can be installed, if not installed, and it can be even more nervous.
◆ Laugh. See the problem there is no thought, you just tell the interviewer laugh (be careful not to damage the examination rules out loud), he asked you how, you say: "Sorry, This question I will not do." Guarantee that you do will be relaxed.
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Get rid of text anxiety
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