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 How to keep the keyboard clean

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PostSubject: How to keep the keyboard clean   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:39 am

If you want to maintain a healthy, good working environment, it is to keep the keyboard clean from the start it:
1 Wash hands before and after using the keyboard
Wash your hands before using the keyboard to prevent hands sweat, bacterial contamination keyboard. Wash hands after use, can prevent bacterial contamination on the keyboard.
2 Do not eat at the keyboard
Many people have desk when the dinner table, food debris and fluid keyboard sometimes fall into the gap, which will nourish some insects and bacteria, will plug the keyboard.
3 do not often scratching his head on the keyboard
If your keyboard has a lot of broken hair, and you scratch one's head are inseparable. Hair will stick to the fingers, and you do not notice. Sometimes hair will fall into the keyboard directly to the gap. cheap timberland boots
4 Do not use the keyboard to the process of rubbing the eyes, nostrils, dig, and dip saliva and so on.
5 Regularly clean the keyboard.
Tap the keyboard. Turn the keyboard over and tapping the back of the keyboard, so that debris fell out of the gap from the keyboard.
With a brush or small brush, clean the keyboard of the gap, the debris cleared.
Clean surface. Computer use special cleaning agents, the keyboard surface with a soft cloth.
6 Do not abuse the keyboard.
Do not vent personal emotions on the keyboard, the most common is when the hard beat crash keyboard, on the one hand will reduce the life of the keyboard, on the other hand, will your hands sweat, dander photographed on the keyboard.
7 Buy a new keyboard.
If you bother to clean, or keyboard has been terrible, and can be considered for a new, after all, their health is most important.

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How to keep the keyboard clean
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