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 How to keep your winter coats looking like new

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PostSubject: How to keep your winter coats looking like new   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:38 am

If you live in a cold climate, you need to prepare for the cold season. There are many different types of winter coats; you will want to make sure they get appropriate care. Many people like to replace their annual winter coat, but if you have a classic style, you may want to wear your coat for years. Whether you have a quilted down coat, fur coat or wool coat, there are certain steps to take should follow the men's jackets and coats for women to take care of, so that they look as good as new.

If you are a winter timberland boots or wool blends fabric, with a lint roller or brush to start. Pick up, such as wool coat or pet hair and lint particles, these items can be easily removed. If you do not have one of these two tools, create a loop with some tape to keep sticky side. You can then pick up your hand by scrolling down the cloth tape women's or men's coats coat particles and hair.
Remove your winter coat out of line. Cut these threads will help reduce excess lint pick up your coat also. Used clothes shaver, lint from the decorative fabrics and lint, remove, and thread those hard to reach from your wool pea coat or cashmere coat and fluff particles, especially when it has started pilling.
Cut dry cleaning, the cost of many winter coats needed. In order to avoid those high-priced dry-cleaning fee, you can purchase a timberland shoes. These are very simple and convenient. The use of the kit takes less than laundry load time. First of all, on-site treatment solution, including dip sampling any visible stain should be done. Next, your coat and bag in a towel in a small package included. Timely removal of jacket hanging up, or lie flat dry it, because it will be a solution from the paper towel a little moist. Long winter coat or raincoat may take longer to dry.
Cedar hangers for your winter clothes can give mothball smell of cedar moth. If you do not have cedar hangers, you can use cedar sachets. When storing your winter clothes this season, you can also consider a garment bag to help keep lint to collect on it, hair, dust and other particles. These come in various sizes, it is easy to find.
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How to keep your winter coats looking like new
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