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 How to correct cat’s bad behaviors

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PostSubject: How to correct cat’s bad behaviors   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:35 am

Cats have nocturnal habits, and if allowed to wander at night, in the rat, mating, and tearing process, there may be physical harm or dirty, bad cat's health, but also affect the indoor health. This wild cat is often very strong, good feeding and management. If the back of infectious diseases, but also may bring disaster to host health. Therefore, the family cat is not allowed to night. The night of the cat must be corrected from the kittens began. When tuning to use the cage began to domesticated cats, released during the day, stay indoors, but must not be placed outdoors in the evening. Over time, it will form a habit, even remove the cage, and will not go out at night. If it's really difficult, can be carried out on cats at night hypnotic drugs during the day with a little stimulant drugs, goes without much time to rectify the habit of night. We should try to avoid prolonged outdoor release, or any of its free air max 247, otherwise it will lead to recurrence of the cat's inferiority.
Cat is not only good at catching mice, and some also fishing, catch sparrows, and even catch flies, butterflies and so on. Abnormal feeding behavior of cats must be corrected. Cat pica correction method can still be used. In addition, the cat's neck can also hang a bell, it can not quietly close to the small animals. Also, cats do not eat dead mice training or dead poultry, rotten fish.
To prevent cats eat dead mice poisoning, it is important not to let the cat running around, so the cat does not come into contact with dead rats. If you see a cat carrying back dead mice immediately won, with the stick tap the cat's mouth, not allowed to eat it. Every few hours later, then dead mice on the cat's mouth, saw a sniff of action will be tough to stop Yao Shi, beat the cat's mouth. After such repeated several times, the cat would get rid of abnormal feeding behavior.
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How to correct cat’s bad behaviors
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