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 How to take care of your hiking shoes

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PostSubject: How to take care of your hiking shoes   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:35 am

For your hiking boots will extend the life of their care, let them rise in a long time more comfortable. Two boots, women boots climb the most challenging to provide support. Hiking shoes protect your feet, when you enjoy the outdoors and proper maintenance will determine how much comfort and cheap air max, they can provide. Neglect your hiking shoes can lead to clues when unpleasant, but rarely pay attention to details will ensure you have the safest, most comfortable shoes possible.
Treatment of high-quality sealing machine can launch a new pair of hiking shoes. Wearing boots, sealing machine in accordance with applicable guidance consist with the only point in the manufacturer's instructions. This helps prevent water penetration.
Waterproof boots with a silicone treatment. Select climbing shoes, a tailored solution. Apply a thin layer of treatment to the entire outer surface of boots, except sole, laces and eyelets with an old toothbrush. Allow boots to wear at least 24 hours before drying. Waterproof hiking shoes or hiking to the rainy season the climate more comfortable.
Wash boots with saddle soap. Let them dry completely in a warm place. Leather protection for cleaning, drying in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
After take off hiking boots, you should remove dirt and mud immediately. In one direction using a stiff wire brush, the surface moving in the boot until no more dirt can be removed. Be sure to remove, each store before hiking and dirt.
Clean boots at least once every two weeks. Saddle leather hiking boots with soap and clean them more frequently, if you are using them or they have become a serious dirty. Let them air dry for at least 24 hours to obtain the best air max 247. Silicone waterproofing, apply a hiking boots, and use the leather protection, once the boots are completely dry.
Remove the smell inside the hiking boots. Sprinkle baking soda, let them air out of the soles. You can also use odor absorbing insert foot.
Clean hiking boots should be stored in a cool, dry place. Placed in a closet to get the best shoe them. Do not use leather hiking shoes once a month, and allow them in the air to prevent mold or mustiness.
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How to take care of your hiking shoes
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