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 Drinking cause problems

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PostSubject: Drinking cause problems   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:31 am

If you're like many Americans, you drink at least occasionally. For many people, moderate alcohol consumption may be safe. It may even include heart problems, reduce your risk of certain health benefits. Moderate drinking is a drinking women or people over the age of 65, two drinks per day for men under the age of 65 a day. nike shox deliver
Some people should not drink, including alcohol abuse, children, pregnant women, for some drugs and some medical conditions of human beings. If you have questions, whether it is safe to drink you, please contact your health care provider.
Any more than moderate drinking can be dangerous. Binge drinking - drinking five or more drinks at the same time - can damage your health, increase your accidents, injuries and risk of attack. Years of alcohol abuse can lead to liver disease, heart disease, cancer and pancreatitis. It can also cause problems at home, at work and friends.
Any person who has used statistical data processing with very clear, the data can easily be misinterpreted. It is not difficult to imagine the scientists, who might drink himself to be misled, it incorporated into the final 'OK' to drink some alcohol - this is the law of nature. Whether any research, that only from personal experience, I said, anyone who drank regularly (even if they never really drunk) will find themselves suffering from alcohol: depression, anxiety, compulsive behavior, bad temper, selfishness, premature aging Inability to plan does not include drinking a trip, in noting that people allergic to alcohol is bad for you deeply. This argument is very clear to see from these people made, subtle symptoms, can be seen in the appearance and behavior, I have learned to recognize from the spouse who consumed alcohol regularly deal with personal experiences, and stop doing so.
This makes the conclusion of my personal knowledge, any person who regularly drink alcohol (that is, not only in the occasional moderate party every day) is unwittingly an alcoholic, and to a certain extent by the above symptoms, body and behavior, In addition to these more serious human health problems is not externally visible. Anyone who stop drinking will see their health, so their lives change so significantly better, they will want to look back at how in the world, they may have enjoyed its moment.
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Drinking cause problems
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