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 How to make a resume

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PostSubject: How to make a resume   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:30 am

Successful applicants can help you by their own terms into the most appropriate school, one can not be ignored. CV reflects the situation of an applicant's own materials. Most schools require foreign applicants to provide, and as an important basis for the examination and approval of school.
English translation of a lot of CV, such as "Personnel Vita", "Autobiographical Statement", "Personal Statement", "Autobiography", "Resume", including "Resume" written slightly different. A brief resume should indicate I have suffered the general education, professional reebok easytone, work experience, achievements and backgrounds.
The attention of the individual elements is resume writing. The requirements of integrated schools, special to make the following analysis:
1. CV structure can be divided into three or four paragraphs. Simple account of the first paragraph of their personal circumstances, such as name, time and place of birth, family background and so on. Good family education course taught in your favor. But this is not very great importance to the United States, generally can not write. Can focus on your second paragraph to start after school, but do not use the itemized account the wording of the narrative style is too stiff rigid. The third paragraph with your main college life, why you chose this subject, you can echo the previous description. Fourth paragraph shows your personal competence and personality.
2. Content to focus on your motivation to study, present achievements, your life goals.
3. Your resume to avoid too many adjectives, for example, is very rich in imagination, creativity, superior, etc., should give a small example.
4. CV can be about 200-300 words, not written too long.
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How to make a resume
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