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 Civic Clture

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PostSubject: Civic Clture   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:24 am

Western "civic culture" of the political and cultural traditions are an integral part of human political civilization. The civic culture from ancient times through medieval Europe to modern times, through the process of long-term conservation, citizenship on the premise that sustainable development in the commodity economy and democratic political twists and turns in the establishment on the basis of its content is mainly social and historical conditions in the West, Civil liberties, rights and obligations, political values of democracy and the rule of law in the set. The realization of its purposes in the country so far away from the concept of the ideal aspirations and requirements of the gap is still large; but generally can borrow, learn concepts, ideas, consciousness, the concept is concerned, worthy of serious study, to learn the theory and practice Useful results for our use, and its emphasis on experience in building civic culture should also be ashamed of themselves for reference. nike lunar max
The establishment of citizenship as a political life is the main body of citizens and the state constitutes the basic unit of the presence and participation in national political life. From the history of Western society, said after the West into slavery, through the city-state system, the Roman Empire, the feudal state and the modern nation-state in several stages, in each society, social and political life of the individual in the position and role Differences are localized, but the common inheritance and has a history of relationship between different ages. Historians around the world have recognized the point[/i][/b] is: Ancient Greece and modern Western society, leaving a valuable political asset, is one of political treasures its democratic republican system, and citizens, existence and their political participation, and by the formation of civil and political practice, the core of civic culture, the dominant political ideas - the concept of citizenship, it is Western democratic republican system of ancient most important and one of the most fundamental.
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Civic Clture
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