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 Wine is men's best friend

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PostSubject: Wine is men's best friend   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:23 am

Wine connoisseurs say that the wine is balanced, all the four major components of well-balanced wine. These four elements are sweetness, acidity, tannin and alcohol content. If you have the ability to tell the wine is balanced or not will depend on your taste and your choice of diet. If you happen to eat sugary foods have a lot of sweets bit, even the sweetest wines do not seem to balance you.
Tannic acid and hardening of the wine means that they make the wine taste in the mouth is stricter. And sugar alcohol has the opposite effect. The balance between the various hardening and softening elements in the wine is providing a complete wine.
It is also very important to determine the length of time, good wine. The length of a wine is the taste of your feelings. Most modern, cheap wine generally short, which means they have a strong impression, and then quickly disappear quickly. A good quality and aged wine should have a longer length. air max 2010
Understanding is also important. Depth refers to the difference in the taste of wine. Not only does it taste 'flat', but it gives you waves.
Recollection is that you leave your mouth feeling once the glass down. A good result should not be too hot (unless caused from too much alcohol) or hard (too much tannin.)
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Wine is men's best friend
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