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 export 2.5 billion to more than $10 billion yuan of above

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PostSubject: export 2.5 billion to more than $10 billion yuan of above   Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:04 am

export 2.5 billion to more than $10 billion yuan of above cheap nfl jerseys profits tax. Ordos group with powerful strength and scale becoming China to export brand-name enterprises and China industry, enter the national enterprise cooperation.and 520 key enterprises and China top 500 enterprises list. Erdos as China's industry, with iconic brands 70.29 billion yuan of brand value ranks in China most ghd brands before 20. Cashmere industry is a group of career basis. For more than twenty years, the group always "made national ambition to create world famous brand" as our own responsibility, persevering pursuit "ordos warm the whole world" big goals, already developed now become world production air max 24-7 is biggest, industrial system the most complete, the marketing network, the most mature technical equipment most advanced industry leading enterprise.
Cashmere production capacity of 10 million above, accounted for 40% of China and the world more than 30%, product quality, market share, export, sales income successive ranks the first in flocking spinning. Relying on strong brand ugg bailey button the group is constantly sending woolen sweater, men's, women's, underwear, PI cao, feathers, home textile blame such as flocking to develop the field, big class clothing clothing industry pattern already form, brand operation has great potential.Beijing snowdrop cashmere Co., LTD Tel: + 86-10-6 chi turbo address: Beijing daxing district YingHai YingHai town industrial park road no. 1Sharon crain cashmeres sweaters are Beijing snowdrop cashmere Co., LTD flagship product.Sharon crain the chi pink-winning only consecutive national quality award ", won the cashmere brand "Beijing famous brand", "China", "top 10 brand-name clothing inspection-free product quality certificate", "
China famous brand product" and so on the title. The company into the national ugg boots sale 500 best economic benefit enterprise ranks, awarded the title of "national labor diploma", "capital civilized units pacesetter" ten successive championships, only provincial above awards 150 multiple. Sharon crain company become Beijing industrial a shining pearl, snow lotus cashmeres sweaters are many air max 2011 name in a delicate and charming strange flower.In the early 1960s, snow lotus breaking international monopoly solving key technology of cashmere hung, 1964, produces China first cashmere.1965 registered trademark, the same year "snow lotus" export, henceforth ended China export cashmere raw materials for only air max 2009 foreign exchange the backward situation. For forty years, for creating excellent national brand, snow lotus set numerous first, fill a number of gaps, initiated Chinese cashmere industrial precedent.
Quality and the prestige for the brand casting snow lotus brand products and stronger, essence, snow lotus to establish a Chinese cashmere industry technology, inspection standards; From raw materials to the plant finishing warehousing more chi flat iron 40 working procedure of worsted fine texture, strictly, The first through the ISO9001 quality system authentication, is the national 863 / CIMS application demonstration unit. Ascend the modern management level and realize from the raw materials procurement to finished products to all parts of all-round quality nfl jerseys and sales all routing network management, ensure the snow lotus in all previous national quality and market are based upon the highest content of cashmere, from no spoofing is air max 2010, the product quality always keep industry forefront. "The pursuit of customer satisfaction" is our
operation tenet of snow lotus brand won domestic and overseas consumers and the trust of customers.Inner Mongolia deer cashmere Co., LTDTel: + 86-472-4171155-350 address: baotou donghe area package ngan air max new connotation of the brandWise elegance, halcyon zhiyuan, Leisurely and nonchalance magnanimous, Chessboards honor or disgrace not jing,Has the tutelage, has the personal status, Spell able, composed, open-minded, Regardless of wto or out dust, Glittering wisdom light...Brand positioningFashion: fashion creating passionate, fashionable super bowl jerseys life, work and leisure no longer arms to, also the ambiguous lingering, this is "nine-deer, king" understanding of fashion, he is not fashionable, but fashion behind, He is not fashionable, but fashion itself.Grace: "nine-deer, king" type of grace is a kind of harmony, it is like the ghd iv styler a woman, but beauty is the gift of god, and elegant art product, is the
1.outwardly reflected in the culture and arts of the gas, is long but beauty life air max skyline precipitation and accumulation. Features: FengYi show the whole, clear spirit aggregates of cadastral just "nine-deer, king" elegance appearance, and below that, is a full of cool and reason, can in the broader context and at a higher level study life, understanding in the life is wise.Product positioningMen's clothing ofair max 95 by style, color of the singleto extreme "peacock revolution", today seems to run tired, returned to nature, comfortable, people-oriented border."Nine-deer, king" product design evade conventional elements, timely collect international fashion information, combined with the multicultural and americans dress characteristic integration, ugg classic short for Chinese products of consumer demand.The products cover jacket, cotton-padded jacket, recreational, leisure suit, sweaters, suit suit, shirts, pants, leisure trousers and a
T-shirt and other major products, and leather, tie, ugg classic mini other supporting dress to taste.Target consumers positioningAge: 28-45 years oldCareer: company middle-level above management personnel, professionals, private owners, civil ugg classic cardy state: do not satisfy the current situation, will challenge higher levelsIndividual temperament: inside without converges, zhang and weak, and his arrogance and not rashness, Keep making progress, the pursuit of higher goal;Leisurely and carefreely, Counter-uncut jade, indifferent to fame and classic argyle knit character and with the flow, elegant and not the vulgar, have the strength and didn't show,Their success, self-confident, constantly combat urbanity calmly, the peak of career,
they are looking researchers-and the mind and persorality tolerance.In their jets jerseys in the graceful and elegant temperament, it is innate nature reveal, the perfect expression is self-confidence. Zhejiang JinLiBao cashmere chi hair dryer., LTDTel: + 86-546-8222386 address: shandong dongying city xicheng XiSi road 239, department store floor men's clothing storesCompany production of cashmere, wool ugg classic tall novel and fashionable and reliable quality, favored deeply by the
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export 2.5 billion to more than $10 billion yuan of above
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