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 A Lugia's Love - Lugia TF

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PostSubject: A Lugia's Love - Lugia TF   Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:45 pm

Another story from me, this one being a collab Smile Hope you like!

A Lugia’s Love – by Werechu and ImmortalD

It was an average, ordinary day in the pokémon world, slightly cold from the wind; which blew in off the coast of the Sinnoh. Peter, who had gone out with his six pokémon, Nidoking, Lucario, Milotic, Charizard, Luxray and Gardevoir was going to fetch some items from department store in Veilstone City.

Currently, his pokémon Milotic, which he named Syren, was out of its pokéball; The Milotic was very beautiful, its blue tail scaled glimmered gracefully as it slithered alongside Peter. “Alright, so what do we need again?” Peter asked as they neared the entrance. “Tic, Milotic” Syren said pointing to the list in Peter’s back pocket. “Oh yeah…Thanks Syren” Peter face-faulted and withdrew the list. “Okay… so we need some Iron; some Carbos, some Protein and some PP Up’s. Those shouldn’t be too hard to locate”

As Peter climbed the stairs to the fourth floor to pick up the items, he couldn’t help but feel a chill run up his spine, it was as if someone was walking over his grave. “You feel that Syren?” Peter asked, Syren nodded, she too felt an unusual presence. “I think we’ve had enough shopping for now, let’s go get a bite to eat.”

Meanwhile; on the rooftop of the department store, a female Lugia descended, she glided effortlessly and landed with a grace only a legendary could exhibit; looking around, and she quickly changed forms so as not to draw attention to herself.

"So let’s see what I got to get..." Peter said as he looked over his list. Pokémon food was one of the most obvious items, and he had also planned on getting Syren some stat boosters to raise her abilities.

Moving around on two feet wasn't as easy as she thought as the female Lugia descended the steps shakily. How do the Humans manage to get this? She thought to herself before tumbling down the remaining stairs into a passer-by. "Oh...I'm so sorry"

"It’s ok; I wasn't paying much attention to where I was going either." He chuckled as he reached down and picked her up from the ground. "Are you Ok? I didn't hurt you or anything did I?"

"Not really" she said, accepting the help and getting up, albeit slowly. "My name's Lu...Lucy" She replied, mentally cursing herself for nearly forgetting her cover.

"Lucy, that's a nice name." He smiled and helped her back to her feet. "My name’s Peter. A pleasure to have bumped into you" He chuckled playfully.

"Yeah...hey listen, why don't I get you something to drink?" She asked, trying to divert the conversation away from any potential eavesdroppers "I still owe you for crashing into you like that" she replied, smiling

"Sure!" He smiled "Lead the way." He stepped aside and let her take the way ahead of him.

"Lucy" led him up the flight of stairs she nearly fell down up to the rooftop terrace, where they found a few benches and tables and Vending machines. "So...Peter, What would you like? It’s on me." She said

"I'll have a cola if they have any. If not, a lemonade will do just fine." He smiled
"Lucy" glided over to the vending machines, and quickly glancing around, she manipulated the machine to dispense a cola; the last one in fact and a bottle of water, before returning to Peter. "Here you go... it was the last one." she said, handing him the coke.

"Well that was some luck then, wasn't it?" He said as he gently took the tin of fizzy drink from her hand. "Thank you!" He opened the can and slowly drank it.

"So...Peter, What brings you to the department store today?" she asked, taking a swig from her bottle of water.

"I'm just doing some item shopping. I got to get some things for Syren, my Milotic" He said, calling her to meet the disguised Lugia.

"Miloooo!" She called as she slithered forward.

"I see" she said, knowing full well that the Milotic could probably see through her disguise "She's a very healthy Milotic." "Lucy" said, finishing off her bottle.

"Thanks, I take good care of her." Peter said as he petted his ‘mons head. The ‘mon purred softly in response.

"Oh...look at the time. I've really got to get going" she lied, using an illusion pokéwatch "It was nice meeting you..." With that "Lucy" disappeared on an illusion of a Pidgeot.

"Aww ok. Hope to see you again soon!" He said as he waved to Lucy.

Oh we will, Peter, count on it. The true Lugia thought, flying herself back to her den to contemplate who she had just met. He's so friendly to that Milotic; I think I might be in love! She thought.

"I guess I best get moving" He said as he finished his drink, throwing the can into the bin as he had a walk around the town.

Meanwhile, back at her underwater home, the Lugia paced her room; her thoughts kept returning to that guy she met at the department store in Veilstone. I must test him. It's the only way to know for certain if it's love or not she thought, using her whirlpool move to fling herself up into the upper stratosphere, bound for Veilstone again.

After spending a little while in the games arcade (and coming out with a load of game coins), the trainer decided to call it a day. He stopped by the department store one last time, heading to the top floor, and got a lemonade from the machine.

"Lucy" had made it back to the top floor of the department store with just enough time to change her illusion's outfit before Peter came back up the stairs. "Funny running into you again... I...Uhh...I forgot my bag" She said, hesitating to think up a random item of forgotten property.

"Heh, I didn't think I'd bump into you again any time soon. Can I get you a drink?" he asked

"Lucy" hesitated again, if she was looking for a lost item, she shouldn't dawdle, but she couldn't say no to him... "Alright then, a water please" she asked politely.

"Ok!" He returned to the machine, and came back a few seconds later with a bottle of water."Here you go?" He smiled, passing it to her.

"Mmm. Thanks" she replied, taking the drink and drinking a few swigs before placing the bottle down for a second. "Hey Peter, Would you like to take a walk? I found my bag, and I'm not due to get home for another few minutes." She asked, updating the illusion to include a bag.

"Sure!" He said as he sat beside her. "Where would you like to go?"

"I'd like to go to the sea-side; I've always had a passion for water." she replied

"Sure. I can call out one of my flying ‘mon, he can take us to Sunnyshore City." He suggested.

"No need. I'll use mine. Go Pidgeot." She replied; this was probably the most fun she had in years, and at the same time dangerous, because she had to keep the illusion that she was a Pidgeot, while at the same time holding a placeholder for "Lucy" while they flew. "Hop on" The illusion Lucy said, pointing to herself, disguised as a Pidgeot.
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Number of posts : 33
Age : 32
Registration date : 2009-08-25

PostSubject: Re: A Lugia's Love - Lugia TF   Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:46 pm

"Sure it can take both our weights?" He asked; a little apprehensively.

"Yup. Of course; all things considered she'll probably be slow." Lucy replied "But I trust her wholly"

"Well, ok then!" He said as he got on the 'Pidgeot'

"Well, Alright then; Off to Sunnyshore we go!" the illusion 'Lucy' stated; and with a powerful gust of wind, 'Lucy' lifted off in the direction of Sunnyshore; with Illusion 'Lucy' standing on the head of the Pidgeot Illusion. "Whoo!" She half-screamed with delight as the wind rushed through her.

"You're really enjoying this ain't ya?" Peter laughed

"Who wouldn't?" she replied "To be up here among the clouds; it's one of the few things I really look forward to every time we fly." Then the Illusion 'Lucy' bent down and appeared to whisper something to the Pidgeot Illusion; and 'Lucy' put on an extra burst of speed that flung her high into the clouds. "Yeah! That’s fun isn't it?"

"Extremely!" He laughed again as he held tight

In record time, the 'Pidgeot' had the skyline of Sunnyshore in its sights and had dropped to a fairly slow speed for landing. "Well; we made excellent time" Illusion 'Lucy' said, jumping off right on the beach and "recalling" her 'Pidgeot', leaving just Lucia in a human guise.

"So what you wanna do now?" he asked.

"Well; actually, I wanted to talk to you a little more privately than at the Dept. Store” she replied, pausing for dramatic effect "and the first thing I want to ask you is Do you love me?" She asked.

He blushed for a moment "Well yeah...you're the first nice gal I’ve met”

"I've lived a very long time, and I'm really lonely; At first I didn't know if there'd be anyone for me out there, then I met you...You’re strong, you’re courageous and you care for your pokémon deeply" She replied "The only problem is, I think I'm in love with you..."

"And why is that a problem if you are in love with me?" He smiled

"Well I haven't exactly been wholly honest with you; and with good reason too." She replied; then switching to her psychic voice. Would you like to know the truth, Peter? She asked.

He looked a bit confused to where that voice came from, but he just nodded.

Okay...This is the real me. She replied; taking a few steps back so that she could remain eye-level with him after she discarded the guise. My real name is Lucia, and I'm… Well I'm a Lugia. She replied; dropping her guise as well.

"A...A...holy... Arceus..." He said, looking on at the large ‘mon.

Not exactly, but you're missing the point a little bit here; I want you; I fell for you the moment we met, but I really don't know how... unless...yes that just might do it. She replied, going into silent thought.

"What might do what?" He asked her

It'd be the most self-sacrificial thing you'd ever do...but Maybe, just maybe, I may be able to alter your genetic code on a molecular level; making you more like myself, but it'd mean that you'd have to give up your family, your dreams, your whole life; and I wouldn't want to force that on you. She replied; looking downbeat.

"Then maybe you should give me a few minutes to think about it..." He said

Please do... She replied; contemplating to herself how she'd go about changing him if he accepted.

He stood there for around 5 minutes, wondering what would happen if he did this. "If I were to accept this, would there be any way to alter my friends?" he asked

You know, it might just be doable, but there's no guarantee what kind of pokémon they'll become unless they specifically ask for a certain type, and before anyone asks, I can't make legendary pokémon aside from my own race. She replied

"If I could bless my friends in a similar way...I'll gladly take it"

This might sting a little... she replied, focusing her ability into changing Peter on a molecular level. Slowly an energy build up formed a ball of pinkish energy in her open maw; and upon releasing it upon her lover-to-be; she lost a considerable amount of energy.

The first changes were almost instantaneous as Peter felt a grinding sensation as his leg muscles thickened and with a resounding pop, shifted to a digitigrade stance, however his leg itself was shortening, and the number of toes on his feet decreased from five to three. Peter’s skin was slowly loosing pigmentation, becoming silver in colour, suddenly Peter strained as a pressure built up inside of him, it burst its way out of his clothes as a long silver tail about 7 feet long and had two nasty looking blue spikes on the end of it. Peter swirled it around and felt the smooth texture as it glided effortlessly through his skin. The next phase of his transformation sequence saw blue ridges burst their way out of his back, and a blue underbelly form a perfect shape to his rapidly increasing body mass. His arms felt numb as they too grew, his fingers moulding together, but not entirely, leaving him with five-fingered wings, which would be able to lift him as soon as he finished.
Peter’s head began hurting as the transformation reached its climax. His neck extended a few metres and his body gained a few hundred pounds as it filled its new space.

Peter knew this final bit would most likely be the most painful and he braced himself for the worst, the pain he received was unbelievable, and if he had to endure it human, he would have most certainly died. As Peter writhed in agony the few final changes took hold, firstly his head re-shaped itself to fit his new body, then two blue eye-masks developed, defining him now and forever as a Lugia, thirdly his voice box changed so he could no longer speak whilst in that form, and finally his brain increased in power until the point in which he was able to move objects and speak telepathically, finally Lugia implanted upon him a thousand years worth of world history and knowledge, as well as Lugia move sets and abilities. Had he have been human his brain would have not been able to comprehend that vast knowledge, however the transformation was complete, and Peter lay on the ground, his old clothes were completely ripped to shreds and the only things that survived the ordeal was his pokéball belt with 5 pokéballs and Syren, his Milotic.

Well… How do I look? Peter asked, his new psychic voice brimming with newfound power and abilities.

Beautiful, I could never have asked for a more perfect mate. Lucia replied, examining his new body with mischievous intent. You want to break that new body in? I think we’ve got time. She hinted, inviting him into the water.

Why not? Besides, when I see my friends, I’m going to have to show them the ropes, and what better way than to learn now. Peter replied, not quite catching on to the hint.

Come on then… In the water we go; that’s Lesson number one. Lucia replied. Then, if we’ve got some time after you’ve learnt, how about we have a little fun before you go off and meet your friends.

Alright, let’s go. He replied, and with a last look at the world he left behind, he did one last thing. Taking his pokéballs, he released all of his pokémon and re-introduced himself to them, telling them that they were free to do as they chose.

Syren, the Milotic, having been with Peter throughout the experience chose to stay with him and Lucia in their new home underwater, rumour has it that one of Peter’s pokémon went on to become a Master, the second to do so other than Mewtwo, of which he is very proud of. Peter and Lucia still live today, guardians of the Pokémon World’s oceans and seas.
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A Lugia's Love - Lugia TF
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