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 Flydonk 1010101010

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baby mario

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PostSubject: Flydonk 1010101010   Wed Sep 09, 2009 10:23 am

Hello PokeNation

I thought I would share my list for Flygon/Machamp, as it is a deck that did quite well at Worlds.

Pokemon (26)

3-2-3-1 Flygon (RR with SW Trapinch)
2-1-2-1 Machamp SF
2-2 Claydol
1-1 Palkia/LV X
2 Unown G
1 Relicanth SV
1 Azelf
1 Uxie

Trainers (21)

4 Roseanne
4 Bebe
2 Cynthia
4 Rare Candy
2 NM
2 Prem Ball
2 Memory Berry
1 Lux Ball

Energy (13)

4 Call
6 Fighting
2 Water
1 Upper


There is loads going on here. Memory Berry Lock and mill with Flygon. Board Control with Palkia LV X (using Flygon's PokeBody to Free Retreat anything they Restructure). Machamp for donking, killing Restructured Basics, and dropping the LV X for a big hit if you have to. Relicanth SV is an anti-SP tech which is also good if your opponent is annoying enough to spam Unown G in an attempt to avoid Inviting Trap.

Hope you like it. If not, then please tell me how to make it better.
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Flydonk 1010101010
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