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 Pokémorphs 101 - Lucario Transformation

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PostSubject: Pokémorphs 101 - Lucario Transformation   Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:53 pm

With a new topic section up, I thought I would get the ball rolling for you all. This is one of the stories from my Deviantart page which I thought I would share with you. Hope you all enjoy it Smile )


As Tai sat on the bus this morning, he had no idea what to expect. He had finished at his old high school just a few months ago, and he made good use of his summer holidays. He didn't know which college to move onto next, so he had spent a while looking around. When he couldn't find anything that catered to his needs though, he had kinda lost hope in what he was to do now.

It was only a week ago that his parents had brought his attention to this relatively unheard of college, called The Sir Aaron Memorial University. It was a place where they studied various subjects. Computers, Science, Physics, Math, English, History....even some obscure stuff.

But for Tai, he was a little worried. He had heard nothing about the students there and what they were like. He really didn't want to start off on the wrong foot on his first day, that's for sure!

It was around a half hour drive, but the bus soon stopped outside of a large set of gates, the words SIR AARON MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY written in huge bold letters. There was some wording underside the sign that looked latin, but the word that seemed to stick out the most was Arceus. Even though he knew next to nothing about the Latin language, he knew for sure that Arceus was not a word that fit. In fact, it sounded like it was from something else, but he couldn't put his finger on it...

"Ok, this is your stop." The bus driver said as he opened the bus doors. "This is your new college. The main hall is through those gates." He told Tai as he grabbed his backpack and made his way out of the bus.

"Good luck. If you're going to stay at this college, you are going to need it!" He told him as the bus doors closed and the bus drove off.

"Good luck?" Tai questioned as he turned back to look at the school through the gates. It was HUGE. The school looked kinda modern, whilst at the same time it looked quite aincent. Parts of the school were castle like, other parts looked like they were carved from what looked like crystal. Some parts looked modern as well, like they were recently constructed.

"Looks like a nice place so far." He said as he walked through the gates. The chatter of people could be heard throughout the grounds as he walked towards the gate. When he looked around him, he noticed something weird about the other students. From what he was seeing, he was taking a guess that they were wearing...Pokémon costumes.

"Maybe it's a costume day..." He thought to himself as he then walked into the main hall. Just like outside, there were people walking around the premises in costumes, or so he thought. In the middle of the hall stood a large statue, carved out of crystal, just like some of the school areas he had seen from the outside. Getting closer to it, he found an inscription on it:

The Noble Sir Aaron, and his faithful Pokémon, Lucario. They gave their lives to protect their kingdom and the Tree of Beginning.

"Sounds like something from a movie." He chuckled to himself as he admired the memorial.

"You must be the new student who's starting today?" A voice came from behind him, making him jump around.

"Holy!" He lept back a little. "Please don't do that!" he held his chest as he looked at the thing that was in front of him. The only thing he could describe what he was looking at right now was an anthro version of a female Milotic, a Pokémon. Although it's build looked more naga-like than anything.

"My name is Syren, I'm the headmistress here. You must be Tai?" She asked him.

"Yeah...that's right..." He staired at her. What was going through his mind right now was that's a damn good costume. No legs or anything. Even the scales are shimmering!

She just giggled a little bit. "It's very unusual that we get human students here. In fact I think you're the first!"

"Wait...human?" He asked, confused. "Aren't you human? Aren't the others human?"

"Nope. This is a school for Pokémorphs!"

"P...Poké...morphs?" He was even more confused now.

"Hrm...Guess you aren't familiar with that term. How about humanoid Pokémon?"

"I guess that could work....Wait, WHAT?!" He yelped.

"You didn't know?" Syren asked. "Hrm, that could be tricky. I'm sure you'll get through this just fine though. We should be able to get you through some classes with no problem, but battle classes... Well I'm sure I can pull a few strings and see you aren't put against anyone" She winked, scarlet eyes gleaming.

"And if anyone asks..." She whispered into his ear. "Just say you're a Ditto. That should fool most of them, but you might have some trouble keeping that from the Luxray students. Remember, they can see through anything, so the Ditto scheme wouldnt work on them."

"I'll keep that in mind." He said.

"Your first day here will be mainly adapting to the classes we run here, and for the first few days we'll try not to ask too much from you, given your 'limited' capabilities." Syren said in a way that she had hoped caused no insult. "And if any of the others try to start something with you, I'll make sure they are dealt with. I might look like an angel, but they really don't want to get me mad." She smirked, extending her clawed fingers a little, a slight webbing between her digits.

"First class is in 10 minutes. I beleive it's basic maths, so that shouldn't be too much of a strain for you I hope." She said as she went to the reception desk and came back with a small map of the school and its grounds and handed it to Tai. "The classrooms are labeled there, so it's not hard to find. Hope you'll fit in just fine!" She smiled and turned away, the bottom half of her form slithering along the marble floor.

"Well, she seems a nice enough girl...hope the students are just as friendly." He said as he made his way to the first classroom. He got a few looks from some of the other students; many were curious about his appearance. There were some mutterings from some of the students.

"What kind of Pokémon is he?" asked a Glaceon.

"Who knows, maybe he's from a new region!" A Swellow responded.

Tai did feel nervous with all those eyes staring at him, but at least no one had figured out that he was a human.

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PostSubject: Re: Pokémorphs 101 - Lucario Transformation   Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:54 pm

Soon the bell rang, signalling the first classes were about to begin. Tai got into the classroom and found an empty desk, sitting down at it. The Pokémon students followed in, sitting around at their desks.

"Ok, I assume everyones in here now?" A voice called out as another figure stepped into the class. From what Tai could make out, it looked like a Mismagius.

interesting choice of teacher... Tai commented to himself as the ghostly Pokémon floated over to her desk.

"I understand we have a new student in our class today?" She said, looking at Tai. "You're an interesting one." She spoke. "What kind of Pokémon are you?"

He looked a little worried, but remembered what Syren had told him. "I'm a Ditto. I've been trying to pratcise with forms, and I can pull off a pretty good human impersonation. Good, isn't it?" He looked a little worried. There was no way in hell that this would work in front of a teacher.

The mon just seemed to smirk. "Must have taken a lot of practise!"

NO WAY! That actually worked? He shouted in his head.

Don't worry, Syren told me all about you, so you don't have much to worry about she replied mentally to him.

Tai just seemed to blush there, he didn't think she could read his mind like that, but he thought it's best to go along with it.

The teacher then noticed the large case he had with him. "Ah, I guess that Syren forgot to tell you where to store your belongings untill you get to your dorm. Don't worry, I'll have one of the students show you later on."

"Thank you." He said to her.

Hrm... From near the back of the class, a pair of crimson eyes was stearing intently at the human. He's kinda cute...

Whilst on the other side of the classroom, a pair of yellow eyes were watching him. Something about him doesn't add up...

The class went on for around an hour. Tai had felt some of the nervousness from earlier subsided. Everyone in the class seemed to beleive that he was a Ditto holding a very impressive Transformation technique. Two mon in the class though just were not buying it, and he'd find that out just a little later on. The bell rang, signaling the end of the first lesson.

"Ok, that's the first class done with for now!" The Mismagius told the class before turning to Tai.

"Oh I should tell you now that the break period between first and second classes is around half an hour, that's plenty of time to get food, drink and maybe socialise with some of your classmates. But it might help if one of the student's helped show you the cafeteria and some of the facilities. Aurora?" She called out.

"Yes?" A female called from the back of the class.

"Could you please be so kind to show Tai here to the cafe?"

"I would be honoured." The girl smiled and walked over to Tai. He turned to look at her, and his jaw dropped.

Standing at around 6ft3, Aurora looked to be a very impressive Lucario morph. Her normal blue fur was instead a bright yellow, and her red eyes gleamed softly in the light. She had a spike on her chest, but it was kind of overshadowed by the pair of breasts she had sticking around it.

"I'm Aurora, nice to meet you!" She smiled and extended a pawhand. Tai took it, blushing a little.

"Tai...likewise..." He blushed a little more, making Aurora giggle a little. "You're so cute when you're embarrassed!"

The Mismagius smiled. "It looks like you two will get along just fine. I'll see you again soon, Tai!" She said and hovered out of the classroom.

"So anyway, I guess I should show you around now. I'll take you to the cafe in a moment, but first I should show you where to store your belongings untill we get you to your dorm room. Usually when a new student starts, they get afternoon period off on their first day so they can sort out their room. The staff are kind like that." She smiled.

"Well then, lead the way!" Tai spoke, but was suddenly interrupted by another voice.

"You aren't who you say you are, are you?" a fierce sounding, masculine voice called from the back of the class. Turning around, Tai and Aurora saw a tall, slightly built Luxray anthro sitting at his desk.

"Wha..what do you mean?" Tai said, slightly worried. He had remembered Syrens words that certain mon would see through him, but he hadn't expected to bump into one so soon!

"You're a human, aren't you?" He pushed himself up from the desk and walked towards them, clawed toes clicking along the floorboards.

"I...I..." Tai stammered, breaking out into a sweat.

"Look here, I don't know what's been put into your head, but this is a school for Pokémon ONLY, and you're a pure blooded human! How the others fell for the Ditto act is beyond me!" He chuckled.

"Leave him alone, Manako! It's his first day!" Aurora said to him.

"He's a human though, and you know they don't fit in here!" Manako glared at him.

"But no one's taken notice of that in a bad way, you're the only one with a problem!" Aurora stood in front of Tai, in case the Luxray tried anything.

"Pathetic..." He said as he walked away. "All I need to say is one word about you, and then you will be in for it..." He said with a cold smile. "So I advise you don't get on my bad side, understood?" He walked away, leaving the two in the class.

"What a jerk..." Tai said under his breath.

"That's Manako for you, he's not the friendliest Pokémon here. He'll do anything he can to cause trouble should anyone get on his bad side, and it's usually the guy he picks on who takes the fall..." Aurora said sadly.

"Someone should try to stand up to him." Tai replied.

"They would, but they are worried that if they try anything, he'll reduce them to a bloody mess. And he has done before..." Aurora shook her head. "I'll stop by Syren's office later and tell her about him. She's pretty much the only thing he is worried about.

"Why's that, is he worried he'd get constricted to death? If I remember, he's a thunder type, and Syren is a water type. She'd be pulverised!" Tai told her.

"Oh I don't think so. I'm sure when you spoke to her, you had a glimpse of her fangs, didn't you?"

Tai shook his head in a 'no' motion.

"Oh, well she has fangs, obviously. And when she get's really mad, she can be a little...vampyric. After all, she ain't called Syren for nothing!" Aurora said with a big smirk. "Anyway, let's get you some food!"

Aurora took Tai to the reception area first with his bags, where he was quickly given a locker key to put his personal belongings in. They told him that the storage area was almost fit to bursting due to all the new Pokémon who had started here today, but they'd keep an eye on his main bag by taking it behind the desk.

A few minutes later they arrived in the cafe. It was fairly sized. But then again in a school with what looked around a good few hundred students, the cafe would have to be huge. And it had a lot to choose from. There were rows of food to suite every kind of appitite, from vegtables to meat. Although from the looks of it, everyone seemed to go for the meat.

"Breakfast and lunch here is usually free, as are the drinks. You have to pay seperately for some items though, but as this is your first day, if you pick up anything that would cost anything, I'll pay for it. I don't mind." Aurora smiled to Tai.

"Why thank you!" He smiled back as he joined in the line and started piling a bunch of meat onto the plate. He picked up a couple bottles of drinks and went to the cashier. He was only really charged for the extra drink, but Aurora kept to her word and paid for it. She guided him over to an empty table and sat down with him.

"So are you enjoying your day so far?" Aurora asked.

"It's ok. Wasn't expecting to run into trouble so soon though." He admitted.

"Don't worry about Manako. If worse comes to worse, I'll stand up for you."

"Thanks!" He said and started to dig into his food. Aurora just looked on with a smile as he ate.

"Oh yeah." She said. "The next class is Pokémon History. I'll have to stick with you, cause I don't think you'll understand too much of it to begin with. It's only a half an hour session, and after that we've got Gym with Instructor Kiba." She pointed across the room to what looked like a slightly muscled Mightyena.

"Wow, he looks like the kind who might run you into the ground." Tai chuckled a little.

"He does, but everyone knows he's got a bit of a soft side. Kinda obvious whenever she's around." She then pointed a small bit across to a female Mightyena. "Word around the teachers lounge is that they've been at it for a while now, and he may be ready to pop the question to her any time soon!"

"Really? How do you know that?" Tai asked.

"One of the teachers is an Exploud. And he isn't too good with keeping secrets. Then again, when everything you say is almost prone to shouting at the top of your lungs..." She giggled.

"Anyway, as it's your first day here, Kiba will most likely just show you around the Gym whilst he makes everyone else exercise. I hope you're a good swimmer too, because there's also a fairly large swimming pool on the premisises. Instructor Umi's fairly easy going for a Vaporeon." She told him.

"Anyway, break's almost over, I better get you to history class!" She said and grabbed his hand, taking him out of the cafe.

The history class was quite tricky to follow. The Noctowl lecturer liked to speak with big words, and this often drew a couple of WTF expressions from Tai, but Aurora just told him to follow her lead, and he managed to get through the lesson.

From the corner of the room though, Manako was still looking on intently at Tai. He was a little uncomfortable with the humans prescence in the class, and he really itching to reveal that he was a human, whilst a part of him wanted to see the human leave. And he thought of the perfect oppurtunity to get him to leave. He wouldn't be able to do anything to him now without getting in some trouble, so he assumed it would be best to pay him a visit later in his dorm...

"So you're the new student?" Kiba asked as he guided Tai to the gym. "Don't worry, Syren told me all about you eariler, so you're fine. Well unless that stupid Exploud says anything about it. The mouth on him...Anyway, I guess I should show you the ropes." He chuckled. And ironically, he did start with the ropes. Followed by the running track, the climbing wall, and just about everything else.

"We have a lot of Pokémon here, so it's important that they keep in shape!" He smirked as he led him to the swimming pool. "Umi! This is the new student we were talking about eariler!"

"Really?" A voice called from what looked like the water. Tai's eyes moved to it as the water rippled, but he saw nothing. A few seconds later, he could see a definate figure fade into view and leap from the water.

"You must be Umi then?" Tai asked, looking at the Vaporeon.

"Indeed I am. I'll be your swimming instructor whenever you have swimming classes. Sometimes Syren watches over them and takes part in them. We cover swimming, diving, stunt swimming, Water Contest moves and sometimes even Water Field Battles, but I doubt you'll have to worry about the last three." She smiled.

"That's a releif, I have no battle skill!" He joked.

"Anyways I'm sure your familiar with this place now, so take a look around the facilities whilst the others are working out. Your first true gym session will be near the end of the week, but you'll have swimming with me before that." Umi smirked.

"Thanks!" He said to her, before turning back to Kiba. "And thank you for showing me around!" He walked off back towards the gym. "Good luck with your girlfriend!"

Kiba turned crimson red.

"G..Girlfriend? How did he...how does he... Oh I'm gonna MURDER that Exploud the first chance I get!" He yelled.


Soon lunch time arrived, and Tai went into the cafe with Aurora.

"If you liked what they had served for the morning break, you should see what they have for lunch here." Aurora smirked.

"I dunno, after seeing the breakfast bar this morning, I doubt they can have anything more....impressive..." He just stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the lunch bar was around twice the size of the breakfast menu.

"Oh holy Arceus..." He couldn't help but chuckle.

"I suppose we best get our lunch now, cause I gotta help you take your stuff to your room after this." She smiled and joined the queue. Tai started to pile his plate once again.

"Well then...I didn't think a human could get so hungry from doing nothing all morning." Came a familiar voice.

"Oh man, not you again..." Tai turned around and was then facing Manako. "Just where exactly do you get off on pestering me?"

"I believe I told you my stance on humans in this school. Besides..." He smiled coldly. "I only want to make you feel uncomfortable here. Maybe soon enough you'll get the point and leave!"

"Leave him alone!" Aurora shouted at him. "He's caused no one any trouble here!"

He seemed to snarl at her. "You shouldn't raise your voice at me. If it wasn't for everyone in here, I'd put you in your place!"

"Back off, you overgrown fuzzball!" Tai said, putting himself in front of her.

"A fuzzball? You insolent little..." He was about to raise a paw, but then saw a few of the mon was looking at him. He composed himself a little and calmed down. "I'll stop by your room later, and I'll teach you a lesson or two..." He snarled and walked away.

"Sorry about that..." Tai turned back to Aurora. "He shouldn't talk to you like that."

"I know...but you've put yourself in a bit of trouble now. You don't know how violent he can get. One time he left someone near dead!"

"Still, I'd rather I myself die than see you get harmed... I mean you've been with me almost all the morning, and you're...well...the first friend I've made here..." He blushed a little. Aurora in turn blushed a little.

"Let's get finished in here as quickly as possible, then I'll get you to your room. I might be able to help you teach him a lesson..." She whispered into his ear as they got their food and quickly ate their lunch.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokémorphs 101 - Lucario Transformation   Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:56 pm

Soon after that she helped him collect his stuff and took him to his room. He was lucky to say the least; he got to share a room with Aurora, and it was in one of the crystalised parts of the building.

"This is amazing..." He said as he stepped into the room. The walls were partly crystalised. There were a few windows obviously, and despite the sun shining down brightly onto the structure, the walls didnt give off a blinding shine, even though they were gleaming.

"I know, I've had this room for about a year now. They usually reserve rooms like these for some of the more outstanding students, and I've proved myself to be that in more ways than one...only thing is..." She held her head down a little. "Despite my popularity, I've never found anyone who I could share a relationship with..."

"Relationship? As in a boyfriend?" Tai asked.

"Yes, that's it. Don't get me wrong, there are a good few male mon here, but none of them seem to appeal to me. But then I look at you, and well..." She seemed to blush. "I think I might be falling for you..."

Tai turned bright red in response. "You love me? I...I dunno what to say...I wasn't expecting to make a girlfriend on the first day here..."

"You stood up for me when Manako confronted us. And anyone who does that against him must either be gutsy or have a death wish..." She sat down on one of the beds. "That's why I want to help you, to make you fit in better..."

Tai sat down next to her. "And just how can you do that?"

"Well..." She blushed a little more. "One of my skills is aura manipulation... Basically I've mastered my aura powers to a degree that I can kinda reshape and alter any one elses aura. It's a good self defense mechanism. I can alter a persons size, powers...even their form."

"Wait wait wait...let me make sure I understood that last part...you can CHANGE someone just by manipulating their aura?" Tai asked.

Aurora nodded. "And the change is usually permanent. I can change them back, but only within 24 hours, otherwise their aura reconfigures to their new form. Stuff like size and power alteration simply wear off, but changing someone is a one way thing, and that includes changes to power and size too."

"Then what are you getting at..." Tai asked again.

"If I don't do anything to help you, Manako will come here and quite possibly maul you. He most likely wouldnt even care if he got into trouble either. That's why...I want to change you...not only into something that can stand up to him...but something that I can love too..." She looked at him intently. "You'd make a cute Lucario, you know!" She giggled.

"You can actually do that?"

"Yes, but only if you're comfortable with it. I just don't want to see you get hurt is all..." Aurora lowered her head a little.

"Then do it. Do what has to be done." Tai told her.

Her eyes lit up. "Seriously? Are you really sure about this?"

"Positive." He said as he stood up in front of her. "We'd best hurry though, he might be up here any minute!"

"Gotya!" She smiled a little and closed her eyes, starting to focus on the human before her. The sensors on her head floated behind her as her aura became visable, and soon after, so did Tai's.

"Ok, it's starting. It may hurt a tiny bit, but don't worry, it will be more than worth it..." She assured him as his hands started to feel itchy, as well as his wrists. He looked down at them, and could see black fur starting to spread across his hands. The palms of his hands swelled and thickened into large pads as his nails grew longer, extending into sharp claws, as a large spike slowly grew out from the top of his hands.

"This is..." He looked in a mix of shock, fascination and awe at the handpaws his hands had become. The fingers had grown a little longer and thicker, becoming more suited for close range attacks.

"I know it might be a little strange, but stay calm. It will be worth it, like I said." Aurora said whilst keeping her focus. The black fur creeped up to his wrists, finishing with a few points as blue fur started to spread up his arms, which grew a little longer, the muscles in his arms growing slightly now.

"You might want to remove your clothes unless you want to break out of them." Aurora chuckled. Tai quickly complied and stripped out of them, blushing at the thought of what he was doing.

Pulling his shirt away, he revealed that a light cream fur had been growing across his broadening chest, the muscles slowly growing more defined as a bump formed between his pectorals. Looking closer, a large spike grew out of his chest. There was a small trickle of blood dripping from it, but it was nothing serious. Thick patches of black fur grew around his broadening shoulders.

"I really don't know what to say..." Tai said, still getting to grips with this as his body continued to grow. Whilst he had taken off his clothes, he had completly forgotten about his shoes, and now they were growing painfully tight. A large bump was forming above his rear as thick blue fur grew around his legs, almost looking like a pair of furry shorts.

The bump on his rear slowly grew outwards as his spine began to extend, a long, powerful tail growing out with a downpointing tip, thinner at the base whilst thicker going outwards. Just in time too, his shoes burst open as his balance was suddenly shifted to the balls of his feet, his heels rising upwards off the ground. A thick pad formed at his heel, whilst similar pads formed on his feet as they fused into three large toes, tipped with claws similar to those on his hands.

He took a few tentative steps forward on his new feet, almost falling over a couple of times. Thankfully his new tail helped him to balance on his now raised feet. Tai hadn't noticed that he had grown a little bit now, he was only around five and a half feet before, but now he was bordering on something around past seven feet.

"A 'thank you' would suffice." Aurora said, opening her eyes to see the final stages of Tai's transformation play out.

The blue fur started to cover his face, his nose sinking into his upper jaw, nostrils flaring as his face started to push outwards. His lower jaw only protruded a little bit, his upper jaw grew outwards several inches as black fur started to spread around his eyes and the midsection of his head going down to his nose, meeting at the back of his head as his hair receeded into the growing fur. His eyes were moved to the sides of his head, the iris's turning a bright scarlet as the pupils drew into slits. His teeth grew longer, sharpening into fangs as his tongue lenghtened and thickened a little.

His ears grew longer, moving up to the top of his head as they grew large and pointed. His senses started to grow and sharpen, his vision growing brighter and sharper, able to pick up every detail in the room around him, as his other senses hightened. He could easily hear the footsteps down the hallway, claws clicking against the crystal.

He was all done, bar one thing. From the back of his head, four large, dreadlock-like sensors grew outwards, hanging down behind his head.

"Well, I think I've done my job..." Aurora smiled as he looked at Tai, now a morphic Lucario. "I think I did a good job with you!" She chuckled. Before Tai could respond though, a loud knocking sound could be heard.


"Should I take care of him?" Tai asked Aurora.

"Would you?" She smirked, walking up to him as Tai opened the door.

"OK HUMAN, PREPAIR TO...What the hell?" He looked at the Lucario that Tai had become. "Where the hell is that pipsqueak?! You're hiding him aren't you?" Manako demanded, beginning to raise his paw, claws shooting outwards, ready to strike.

"ANSWER ME!" He lowered his paw, but Tai quickly grabbed it.

"That pipsqueak you're talking about...you're looking at him!" Tai gave a fanged smirk as he drove his free paw into Manako's chest, hitting him with a fairly devastating Force Palm, knocking him back several feet into the hallway.

"Now then..." Tai casually approached him. "If you want to teach me that lesson, you can."

"You...you little..." Manako pushed himelf up, his fur starting to crackle with electricty now. "I'LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THAT!!" He roared, about to release a Thunderbolt.

"What's going on here?!" A familiar feminine voice called out. Everyone turned and saw Syren slowly approaching them.

"Miss Syren, so glad you could join us right now." Aurora approached her. "I take it you got the note I left you?"

"Oh yes, I heard you were going to ensure that Tai would become better suited to this place..." She eyed him. "But I wasn't expecting you to pull off such a good job." She giggled.

Manako's sparks died down as he slowly backed away.

"And where do you think you're going?" Syren turned to him, her scarlet eyes glowing a little in anger. "What did I tell you would happen if you tried to attack another student?" She slithered closer to him.

"But I..He..Me...He started it by calling me a fuzzball!" Manako tried to defend himself.

"In all retrospect, you ARE a fuzzball!" Syren hissed coldly as she backed him against the wall. "I want you to meet me in my office later. Your actions here warrant more than a sssimple detention..." She hissed again, revealing those fangs of hers. Manako gulped loudly.

"Un..understood..." He said, slinking away.

Syren just smirked and turned to the two Lucarios.

"I'm sorry if he's caused you any trouble Tai. I'm sure after I'm through with him though, he might behave a little better." She winked.

"Let's hope so." Tai chuckled.

"Anyway, I best let you two get settled in. I'll let the staff know that our human friend has evolved" She giggled. "And dinner will be around five, so don't be late, we want to introduce everyone to our new student after all." She said, slithering away.

"Sounds good to me!" Tai smirked as he went back into his room with Aurora. Once inside, he turned to her and looked deep into her eyes.

"Thank you..." He whispered softly and placed his lips on hers, kissing her softly. Aurora turned bright red for a few moments before returning the kiss.

"Glad I could be of service." She smiled warmly.

A few days later, it was made official that Tai and Aurora were an item. Someone had let it slip in front of the Exploud teacher, and just about everyone knew about them. But they made no effort of keeping their love for each other hidden.

As for Manako...well after his encounter with Syren, he came out of her office with an evident bite mark around his neck. It seemed to have done the trick, as now whenever he even tried to challenge anyone in a threatening way, he instantly recalled his encounter with the Milotic, and quickly backed down.

It seemed like things were perking up for Tai. Only a few days into his new life, and he was enjoying himself. He had made lots of friends, was doing well in classes, and had made a girlfriend.

Who said school was never fun?
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I have a story called:


One day Ash and Brock were having a battle.They were battling next to a keystone.Then there was a little accident,and the keystone fell apart.They didn't realize that this little accident would have DEADLY consequences in the future.The sky turned black,and there was thunder and rain.Then,a strange,mysterious pokemon called Spiritomb,rose from the collapsed keystone.It was pure evil Twisted Evil.It flew off while destroying trees,

"We gotta go after that pokemon!" Shouted Ash,

"We'd better hurry!" Answered Brock,

They ran after it...

They ran to the local village.It was destroyed.The buildigs were to cinder and ash,pokemon knocked out by the evil,dastardly,pokemon.People were scared and frightened.Everyone was saddened.Then a old woman came up to them.She told them about Spiritomb being unleashed in the middle-ages,tearing up villages with no thought.Then,the Oro guardian came with his Pikachu.He battled Spiritomb hard,and He and pikachu won.They locked Spiritomb in the keystone never to return.

She asked "The only reason Spiritomb is back is because someone has destroyed the keystone"

The pair of them felt guilty

"We will tracked spiritomb down and lock him up forever!"They both said.

They went looking for him for days,in the woods,on the mountain,and by the beach.After 2 days,they found him...

Spiritomb was angry.He wanted revenge on the Oro Guardian.Suddenly,Ash and Brock appeared.But within one second,Brock was already knocked out,due to Spiritomb's Giga Impact.So,Ash's Pikachu and Spiritomb had the battle.The battle of there lives.There were explosions,trees were cut down.Then,Spiritomb charged up for another Giga Impact.He shot it.It was a direct hit.Ash and pikachu were knocked down hard.This could be the end of it.Then,the sky turned thundery.

"Do thunderbolt in the sky pikachu"Said Ash Faintly.

Pikachu did what he said.This recharged him,and he got back up with lots of energy.After a few thunderbolts,Spiritomb was finally K.O..Villages were saved,and Spiritomb wouldn't ever caused havoc again.They built the keystone again,and locked Spiritomb up forever.

And it was all down to Ash saying

"Do thunderbolt in the sky"

The End
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Erm, no offense, but that 'story' was an episode ^^; Besides which if it were a story, you should post it in a new topic, not just use my topic for your own work.
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^ There are 2 things wrong with this I'm afraid...

A) It is a complete copy of a Pokemon episode (When it comes to Pokemon, nothing will get passed me Razz).

B) If you have a story, can you post it in a new thread please. Thank you;



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Donezator* wrote:
^ There are 2 things wrong with this I'm afraid...

A) It is a complete copy of a Pokemon episode (When it comes to Pokemon, nothing will get passed me Razz).

B) If you have a story, can you post it in a new thread please. Thank you;


XD Wow, I was just about to note you this for the exact same reasons (Yeah, I watch the anime kinda religiously Razz) Guess I don't need to note ya now do i?
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^ Yey xD. It may just be because I have set any rule guidelines yet, I will create some ASAP (After reading through your fantastic story Very Happy)



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Cool, hope you enjoy it Smile
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Pokémorphs 101 - Lucario Transformation
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