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 Ash is such a n00b

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Ice Espeon

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PostSubject: Ash is such a n00b   Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:03 am

Just saw the episode where ash faces Crasher Wake.

Turtwig v Quagsire.

You'd think turtwig would win. Infact ash returns it because the quagsire is agile. lol!

Sends out buizel and it defeats the 'sire.

Wake says floatzell. Ash goes pickachu.

floatzell actually creams pika lol!

Buizel defeats floatzell.

ash wins.


Wake's a n00b too.


MY FLOATZELL isn't JuST a WatER PokÉmON, ItS thE BesT WaTeR pokéMÓN! 🤦
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Ash is such a n00b
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