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PostSubject: READ TO AVOID BEING BANNED   Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:14 pm

Pokemon Nation's Rules

1. Be responsible

You are responsible for your own account. Do not let anyone use your account at any time, as you are responsible for the things posted on your account. Saying "it wasn't me, it was my brother/sister/parent/friend" is not an excuse.
2. Do not mini-mod

If you see a post that violates any of the below rules, you should use the "report" button below each post in the bottom right hand corner. This will immediately notify all mods that someone is possibly breaking a rule, and they will handle it. If you reply to a post that violates the below rules, telling the person "You should not be doing so-and-so," you will be warned. This is known as "mini-modding" and is not allowed. The best thing to do is use the report feature.
3. Requesting for locks

You may also report your own trade thread or My Player thread if you would like them to be locked. However, we will not entertain locks for other threads unless we deem it necessary. Do not report your own thread if you would like them locked just for the sake of it.
4. Do not post in or "revive" dead threads

You may not post in a thread older than two weeks old, unless it is a stickied thread, your own trading thread, your own "My Player" thread, your own fanfic or your own shop in Celadon Mart. If you wish to revive any other thread legally, including your own clan or club, approach me a moderator by PM requesting for permission. It's best to approach me (Noobnerd), as I never ignore PMs that aren't stupid. Violators will receive a warning.
5. Do not offend others

Do not bash, insult, or cuss in your posts or to other members. If a post is highly offensive, as deemed by any moderator, the offender will be permanently account and IP banned so that there will be no access to this forum. Violators will receive a warning.
6. Do not spam

Spamming is one of the most common offenses. Internet forum spam is defined by Wikipedia as "the posting of advertisements, abusive, or unneeded messages on Internet forums." On our forum, abusive messages are called "flaming," and advertising is simply advertising. Our forum regards spam as unneeded messages. An example of spam would be something irrelevant to the topic, or a simple "hi there ur cool I like your deck". Spamming includes posting "Favorite" threads ("What's your favorite _____?") and meaningless topics. No intelligent discussion can come from a SPAM topic. Violators will receive a warning.
7. Do not have multiple accounts

Each member is allowed only one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed. Violators will receive a warning and have the accounts merged; more serious cases (claiming to be two different people, or giving oneself positive references in the trade forum) will be IP banned on the spot. If you have siblings who want to register, you must notify a moderator before the sibling registers.
8. Thread Bumping

Do not bump without valid reason or post more than once in a row
Posting in the same thread consecutively - "double posting" - is not tolerated. When you make a post, if you have something to add, click on the edit button at the bottom of the post and make any amendments there. Violators will receive a warning. If no one has replied to your thread for at least 3 hours, you may post again at no penalty.
9. Do not post threads similar to others that already exist

Only one discussion topic about a specific subject may exist at a time. As about that subject must take place in that thread. Those who create alternate threads will receive a warning and be directed to the appropriate discussion thread.
10. Do not create useless threads

Do not create threads for things that can be taken care of in other threads; for example, creating a thread asking if you may get your name changed when there already exists a thread for such a thing. Violators will have their thread deleted and will receive a warning.
11. Do not advertise

You may not link to any other forum in any thread, at any time, in an attempt at getting people to join. If you have a site you would like others to visit, link to it in your signature. Asking people to visit any site through the PM system is also not allowed. Advertising includes getting people to join your club. Advertising through threads gets you a warning; advertising through PMs gets you temporarily banned.
12. Do not post inappropriate content

Many members on this forum are below the age of 13. As such, posting any inappropriate content, in any form, will not be tolerated. This includes obscene images, videos or text. Inappropriateness is determined at the discretion of the moderating team. Penalties for breaking this rule depend on the severity of the offense, from a warning at best to permanent ban at worst.
13. Do not post images that may affect people prone to seizures

In order to cater to anyone with problems with flashing colors, the posting of rapidly flashing images is no longer allowed. Violators will receive a warning.
14. Use proper spelling and grammar

You should say, "Pikachu are a species of Pokemon that have electrical cheeks," not "pikachus is spciec of Pokémon That has elctric cheecks." Using poor grammar and spelling often labels people as "n00bs," and less people pay attention to them. When many members do this, the same consequence applies to the entire forum. Plus, using correct spelling and grammar helps you practice for school.
15. Be Active

If you are inactive for a total of four consecutive weeks, your account will be disabled. If you fail to reply to any emails or private messages regarding your account within a 7 day period your account will be permantly deleted. The reason for this is so that other members who wish to join the forum have a greater opportunity to get the username they desire, which could be one you are using as an inactive member.

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