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 Pokemon Nation - Buying & Selling Rules

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PostSubject: Pokemon Nation - Buying & Selling Rules   Thu Aug 06, 2009 1:29 pm

The Pokemon Nation Buying/Selling Rules

1. Payment

Before you send/recieve the card/item, payment must have been made. This can be done either by Money Order, Cheque, Cash or Paypal.

2. Know what you are buying/selling

If you are buying a card/item, ask to see a picture of it, so you know exactly what you are getting. Sellers should upload pictures of items.

3. Confirmation

Once you have bought a card/item, you have agreed to pay for the card/item and any handling charges. The seller will contact you with an overall total. The seller should have included any shipping costs in his description.

4. Backing Out

If you decide to back out of the deal, the Seller holds the right to report you as a time waster and give you a negative ref. Should you continue to back out of deals without a valid reason you will recieve a ban.

5. Only buy from verified sellers

Only buy cards/items from verified sellers, you will know who these are as they will have a * symbol at the end of their username, if you buy from anyone other than verified sellers, you will recieve a warning.

6. Scammers

Anyone found to be selling fake card/items or do not have the card/item in question will be banned and reported.

7. Postage

Be patient when waiting for your items to arrive. Items coming from your country will arrive quicker than if they where coming from abroad. You should wait 4-7 days for inland items and 7-14 days for items coming from another country, but also keep in mind that payments do have to clear.

To Be Able To Sell

To Qualify

You must have been on the forums for 2 months, making a number of trades and recieving only positive references. If anyone trys to sell without being a verified seller you will recieve a warning.

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Pokemon Nation - Buying & Selling Rules
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