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 My Art! Will take requests for Signatures

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PostSubject: My Art! Will take requests for Signatures   Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:13 am

Here are some of the Signatures I have made for people in the past year. I can't draw so I use Photoshop on the PC.

This is my first one I did, so its going to be a bit rubbish and a bit big.[/color]

Mark Cowley

Jonathon Cowley

Claire Cowley


Lou Cypher No.1

Lou Cypher No.2

Aydenn Wardle

Robert Lee

Ben Pollock

Daniel Cowley

Mark Cowley (New One)

SheimiGiratina (Pokebeach)

Aydenn Wardle #2

James Payne (Me) New

Freddy K.

Freddy K.

James Payne - Me

James Payne - Me

I will take requests so please complete the following form.

Size: Small (100x75px)/Medium (200x100px)/Large (325x125px)
Background: Yes/No
Background Colour: [Enter Colour Here]/Transparent
Pokemon: [Enter Your Pokemon Here] Max of 3 for Small, 5 for Medium, 7 for Large
Text: [Enter Text Here]

I will try and get all signatures completed within one week, although delays may occur.

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My Art! Will take requests for Signatures
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