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 Trading Corner Rules

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PostSubject: Trading Corner Rules   Fri Feb 06, 2009 5:18 pm

1. Please list a full haves and wants list, as detailed as possible, in your topic. There are many different copies of most Pokemon cards, so saying you want a Pikachu doesn't help much. If you are a collector of a certain Pokemon card, just type "any Pikachu" or "any Raichu" or whoever the Pokemon is.

2. A trade is considered finalized after both people who are involved exchange addresses. If you back out of a trade afterward, the other trader has the right to give you a bad ref.

3. DO NOT post your or anyone else's address on the main boards. This is a bannable offense.

4. Don't list cards that are not in your possession, or that you don't plan to trade. This is the Trading Corner, not the show-off corner.

5. Our rules trump your rules. You can set rules and regulations in your trade thread, such as US-exclusive trading or mint cards only, as long as they do not conflict with these rules.

6. As in any forum, do not post in old topics. Old is considered two weeks with no new replies. You are allowed to bump your OWN topic no matter how old it is, but you can only bump it three times per week, no more than once in one day.

7. Post only cards that you plan to trade. If we see "NFT" on your thread, you'll get a strike. Same thing with cards that are on hold. Don't post them for trade until you have them available. 'Harder To Get' cards are fine, as long as you plan to trade it if a good deal really comes up.

8. You can only have one trade thread open at a time. If you want to make a new one for some strange reason, request that your old topic be locked by changing the title to "Please Lock". Remember to wait until AFTER the topic has been locked before you make a new one, otherwise you'll get a strike.

9. It is recommended that you save all trade PMs that you get until the trade is finished and both people have gotten their ref. If you get ripped off, and you don't have any PMs to prove it, you'll be SOL. We need proof to take action towards rippers.

Rules regarding refs:

1. You must have a link to your ref thread either in your signature or in your trade topic. If the latter is true, you must have a link to it in your sig. You may not trade until you have a ref thread!

2. When you get your card(s) from the other trader, you must give them a ref, good or bad. Failing to do so may result in a strike.

3. Giving refs to someone before a trade is completed, or for trades that didn't exist is a perma-bannable offense. This is a sign of a ripper.

4. If you feel that you've received an unfair bad or neutral ref, post the situation in the 'Report Rippers' thread. Do not PM mods or make topics about it.

5. You can only have one ref thread.

About Sending:

1. The person with less refs is required to send first, unless the person with higher refs allows second/same time sending.

2. If both traders agree on sending first, work out a time for both of you to send. If things come up and you have to wait a day, that's fine. Any longer delay is not allowed.

3. If you have zero refs, you have to send first.

4. You must send your cards in a top loader, penny sleeve or other object that will protect your cards in the mail. You are responsible for the condition of the cards upon arrival to the recipient. That said, please state the condition of your cards in your thread so people know what to expect when they get your cards.

5. If you happen to recieve a negative ref, you must send first no matter what, even if you have 50 positive refs.

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Trading Corner Rules
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